Geno Auriemma Calls Out Howard Eskin, Eskin Fires Back


Geno Auriemma, who once berated a student reporter after Villanova handed UConn their first loss in two years, was complaining about something after a women's tournament game this weekend in Philadelphia: []

"Whether I’m telling the truth or not, whether I said it the right way or don’t say it the right way, the bottom line is when I’m telling the truth people want to make a big deal about it. So they make a big deal about it.

Not here in Philly. They don’t care. Those guys on 610 they hope I get hit by a bus on Broad Street. So they don’t care about the fact that we’re in here. Howard Eskin… He’d probably drive a tractor trailer right over my body just so he wouldn’t have to read anything more about women’s basketball. So there’s a lot of people out there that really don’t care.

But if I say something stupid they’ll weight in because it’s another opportunity to slap me around little bit, which is fine. I really don’t have problem with that. That doesn’t make me lose any sleep. The only thing I lose sleep over is whether or not Chase Utley’s going to be ready on Opening Day and Brad Lidge better get somebody out in the ninth inning from here on out or I’m going to be pissed off."


What the…? Talk about firing a shot across the bow. The resaon why no one in Philadelphia talks about you, Geno, is because nobody cares about women's basketball.

Howard, of course, responded:

Conn Women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma rips me in his news conference. Worry about ur team. Show me something and find a mens job.

How tough can it be when you coach women's basketball at connecticut and always recruit the best players. That doesn't make u a good coach.


Heh. Nothing like questioning a man's existence. Well played, Howard.

In other news, local boy Auriemma is a Phillies fan. We don't care.


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  1. how the hell does eskin even get himself into this stuff? OHHHHHHH, because he’s an abrassive sac sniffer.

  2. You know kid, I’m not going to smack you for being so ignorant about women’s basketball because you’re a guy, but read on up;
    “For all of the tributes and accolades and the undying love that John Wooden engendered in men’s basketball, there is a special place in the heart of women’s basketball for the legendary coach as well.
    ‘Because coach Wooden loved their game. And he often said so.
    “The top women athletes play a more pure game than the men,” Wooden was quoted as saying. “They play below the rim and fundamentally better.”
    “He said women’s basketball was “a beautiful game.”
    “Those comments brought the women’s game credibility because they came from Coach Wooden.
    “They likely changed the mind of at least a few people who had previously been dismissive or perhaps just uninterested. Coach Wooden’s endorsement was like currency and the game was richer because of it.”
    I trust John Wooden’s opinion way more than yours about anything, especially those things related to basketball.

  3. Do I personally care all that much about Women’s basketball? No, but you still have to appreciate the program Geno has been able to build. Oh yea, and Eskin is still a douche. Guy has to be in the running for being the biggest Douche on EARTH.

  4. ^^ Agree with the guy above. Women’s bball is technically crisp, the half court offensive schemes and passing that they setup is awesome to watch.
    Eskin is a class I grade A megadouchebag and everyone in this city and beyond knows it. How this slimebag still has employment in beyond me (or Stephen Hawking for that matter).
    If you want to hate on Geno because he is the Emperor Palpatine of women’s hoops and is a smug and arrogant prick, by all means please do so. (I’ve always been partial to Pat Summit)
    But don’t give the trout sniffing Eskin an ounce of credit.

  5. disappointed that kyle would take eskin’s side on anything. the guy needs to disappear. he’s overstaid his welcome in this city by at least 20 years. geno auriemma made the mistake of even invoking the guy’s name. howard eskin is infinitely more irrelevant in the scheme of things that geno auriemma. also, the burger kings’ tired old criticism of the coach for not getting a men’s job is laughable. the man coaches women’s basketball. that’s what he likes to do. why not tell every college coach to go pro? or tell every local radio hack to go national. it’s just total double standard. i don’t watch women’s basketball but obviously geno knows what he’s doing.

  6. women’s basketball may be “technically sound,” but it sucks to watch and no one cares about it- especially around here.

  7. I’m throwing up in my mouth as I type this, but I have to agree Howie wins this battle. Albiet, this victory comes against a women’s basketball coach…

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me… your defending Eskin, and what in that paragraph did Geno say that was wrong? He’s absolutely right

  9. I agree with Kyle. On the scale of sporting importance, women’s basketball ranks below soccer, indoor lacrosse and Arena Football in these parts, and everyone here damn well knows it. Geno doesn’t have to justify his sport, or his status as a coach to anyone, his place in Springfield is already reserved, he just likes being a high and mighty asshole who feels it’s his place to jump down the throat of anyone who dares to denigrate his team or women’s hoops in general. Frankly, his act is just as tiresome as Eskin’s.

  10. Howard Eskin can start talking about being a man when he stops wearing ladies fur coats.

  11. “How tough can it be when you coach women’s basketball at connecticut and always recruit the best players. That doesn’t make u a good coach.”
    Pretty sure the same can be said about Duke..

  12. Eskin has built a career on calling his audience stupid, making verifiably wrong opinions relevant, and generally being a tool.
    Auriemma has built a career on, well, building student athletic departments within large, influential academic institutions with redeeming value in their community.
    One won’t be missed by anyone (who’s opinion actually matters) if they get hit by a bus.

  13. Screw Eskin…Im not even that big of a basketball fan, none the less womens basketball, but what Geno did and is doing at UConn is legendary. Howard Eskin is possibly one of the worst reporters in the media right now and always has been. The fact that people actually listen to this guy is beyond me. He has no evidence to his opinions and he comes off like a big dueshbag. Sure alot of people on the radio are all based on opinions but at least you can enjoy listening. Eskin gives me a headache everytime I hear his voice. Someone should run over Eskin with a bus…I don’t think anyone would miss him

  14. I don’t see how the site can take Eskin’s side considering just by posting this article they proved Auriemma right.. Auriemma’s quote is just saying no one in this city cares about women’s basketball and only will post stories if he says something out of line that he considers the truth.. which he does here and then you post a story about it. EXACTLY LIKE HE SAID YOU WOULD, and we all know that if he didnt say anything and UConn came out and one every game by 40 we wouldnt be reading it on CB. so yea, beyond Eskin being a tool you completely proved Auriemma right

  15. oh and by the way, is Coach K a bad coach because he can have whatever recruits he wants? on John Calipari? that is a terrible comeback

  16. Everyone on 97.5 is way better than Eskin. I haven’t heard his wretched voice on the radio in ages.

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