Here’s Video of Jose Reyes Cheerleading

Could this guy care about baseball any less?

I'm really getting tired of killing the Mets, especially since the season hasn't even started yet. But sometimes it's just so damn easy.

Here's video, via Mets Police, of Jose Reyes with pom poms… cheerleading for an upcoming ESPN commercial.

I'm not sure this even approaches the homoerotic levels reached in these photos, but it's still funny. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I'm unduly harsh on the Mets- then I ask myself, "Would Chase Utley do that?" That's my barometer.

Those videos, plus a very well done spoof of the Mets (produced by a Yankees fan)… after the jump. That third video is approaching must click status.



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  1. haha JOSE is the man!!! I know your upset when mets fans take over Citizens Bank Dump and sing “JOSE JOSE JOSE JOSE!@!!!” and kyle your not killing the mets trust me, your just hating.

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