Huge Game Tonight: Flyers vs. Penguins, Jonesy Predicts Bob Starts in Playoffs

The Penguins are just two points behind the Flyers in the Eastern Conference standings. Bob will get the start tonight, and Keith Jones, appearing on Puck Daddy Radio, predicted he will be the starting goalie in the playoffs.

"Bobrovsky showed a lot in this past week… Bobrovsky did wonders for giving confidence to his head coach. I think Bobrovsky really solidified his position, he'll play tonight against Pittsburgh and I think you're going to see him play down the stretch here quite a bit, but more importantly, starting the first gmae of the playoffs."


You probably won't get that out of Lavs any time soon, but I agree with Jonesy. Bob can steal you a game in the playoffs. And while there may be more risk associated with him, the upside is stronger.

Dave Isaac has more on tonight's game.