I’ll Be Drunk at The Tiki Bar

Hello, minions.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty much always plugged in to this here webternet site. That's not good. It's not good for my eyes, it's not good for my social life, and, despite the dick-in-the-back lumbar support on my chair, it's not good for my posture, thanks to the frighteningly hunched over way I stare at my screen. It's time for a vacation. I'm heading to Clearwater until Monday.

March is a bit of a slow month in local sports. Other than college basketball, there's not much gong on. We're just waiting for the Flyers regular season to end without incident, the Eagles are in the middle of what is going to be a very long offseason, the only news coming out of spring training is injuries, and people are just now starting to care about the Sixers. Seems like as good a time as any to unplug for a few days.

I'll have a couple updates, but otherwise Ryan, John, and Adam will have you covered for the next few days. Think of them as your safe big spoon to keep you protected for a few days while your lover goes away to play. You can cuddle, just don't touch.

If you're in Clearwater this weekend, feel free to say hello. I'll be drunk at the tiki bar.


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  1. “Waaaaaaah! This website is running what’s left of my life. Waaaaah!”
    Come on, nobody’s holding a cannon to your head to do this. If you’re putting so much time and effort into it that it’s affecting your health, a little vacation ain’t gonna make it better. My advice, seek professional therapy.
    Have a good vacation anyway. There’s better things to see in Clearwater besides that Tiki bar.

  2. Can you give the frenchy’s bartender with the huge boobs ( cant miss her) a $10 tip for me? she made watching the phils lose to the pirates a decent game

  3. Don’t forget to go to the Tilted Kilt across the street after the game in Clearwater. Veryy Niiiiiiice

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