Video: La Salle Wins (Flyers) Cup From Exact Same Spot as Patrick Kane

This is weird.

As a Malvern Hockey alum, I was firmly rooting for my alma mater to beat La Salle in last night's AAA Flyers Cup Championship at the Wells Fargo Center. Imagine my horror as I watched my former school lose the championship on a shot from the exact same spot as where Patrick Kane won the Stanley Cup.

For real, this is scary. The same net. The same shot. Both to win a championship game just minutes into overtime at the Wells Fargo Center. It's like they uploaded the wrong program into the Matrix.

Malvern goalie Ryan Polischuk stood on his head, making one of the best saves I have ever seen – at any level – just to get the game to overtime. But in the extra stanza, he channeled his inner Michael Leighton, as La Salle's Nick Master slipped one in from an impossible angle.

Somebody needs to burn that net.

Much watch video after the jump.

Congrats to La Salle.


24 Responses

  1. What the f*ck’s an “alum”? Are you calling yourself a piece of metal?
    I bet your Alma mater is real proud of your perpetuation of the “ZOMG” and “After the Jump” “witticisms”. Hahahahahahah

  2. And another banner will be raised on Cheltenham Ave. Scholars and champions, that’s all we do!
    In all honesty it’s a shame La Salle won on a goal like that. Malvern’s goalie played one hell of a game. Highway robbery on the doorstep a few times late in the third. Great game!

  3. Dammit. I had blocked that goal out as much as possible and now it happens again???

  4. sooo…first Malvern, then Nova, then you admit you attend Ballets…your douchieness is at an all time high…

  5. ugh… watching that damn goal again really makes my head hurt… too many painful memories.
    PS – Ironballs, why are you acting like a jackass? Seriously.

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