Lavs Blames Himself For Loss, Mike Richards Doesn’t Like Answering the Same Question Over and Over Again

Yesterday's post game fallout wasn't nearly as bad as you may have expected. Lavs did what any good leader would do- instead of kicking his players (even though they may have needed it) when they were down, he placed blame squarely on himself. [Philly Sports Daily]

“I do feel like there was some hangover for [Sunday] afternoon’s game. You need to look no further than I’m the guy that gives them the time off and the time on,” Laviolette said. “I accept the responsibility for that. … That one’s on me.”


Good move by Lavs. Yelling will only do so much. No one needed to tell the players that they played like shit yesterday- they knew that. 

Mike Richards, on the other hand, well, he doesn't like answering the same question over and over again. Sounds like Sam Donnellon asking the question, but I'm not sure on that.

Any of the adversity of last year help you from here on in?

"I mean yeah. I've answered this proably 40 times this year… I'm sure you have some sort of quote in your…"

Never with a four game losing streak.

"We had a ten one two years ago, last year we had some. I'm not going to keep answering the same question every single year."


Listen to it (2:30 mark) via Anthony SanFilippo, after the jump.



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  1. This has grown troublesome. Bad enough to lose to the Rangers, but to have been bitch-slapped on national TV was a flat out disgrace. Even though the players knew they played like crap (at least I hope they did), Laviolette still should’ve blistered the paint off the walls in his post-game chat. I know this is going to sound alarmist, but I hope to God the players aren’t already starting to tune out Laviolette after only a season and a half.
    As for Richards, if he doesn’t like answering questions when the going gets tough, then surrender the goddamned “C” and give it to someone (Chris Pronger perhaps) who has the intestinal fortitude for the job.

  2. “As for Richards, if he doesn’t like answering questions when the going gets tough, then surrender the goddamned “C” and give it to someone (Chris Pronger perhaps) who has the intestinal fortitude for the job.”
    I don’t know how much that says about being a leader considering Pronger also hates talking to the media.

  3. I don’t blame Richards, the beat writers are complete dopes – lead by head dope Panaccio. Those guys don’t deserve the time of day from any of the players, which is why Pronger always rags on Timmaaaaaaaaaay during interviews.

  4. OK, he doesn’t have to yell at them. But I hope he sits each player down at some point and explain to them that they’re slacking off in their own zone most of the time (address this before even discussing the limp-dick power play). Lazy clearing attempts that leads to turnovers, and then to goals (even the best goalie can take so much).
    Even Pronger is looking old enough for me to say he needs to sit more and some of the other guys prove themselves on the ice.
    They’ve been slacking off in the D zone since the all aster weekend and been getting lucky from it with maintaining slim wins; but finally are learning (I hope) why it’s a losing battle if they don’t shape-up their D-zone prowess now that other teams know they have to step it up in the stretch to make the playoffs.
    Case it point, Goal #4 (Ryan Callahan’s hat trick goal):,2,984&event=NYR290
    When Versteeg got the stolen the puck, trying to curl it away was plain stupid. So what if it leads to more icings, just flip the damn puck out of the zone when you get it like that!
    And if Bobs started, I think the game would have been closer. Boucher’s not looking to hot lately. He also was in net for that terrible loss against the Sens last month. He’s not been the same since he got shook up when they beat the Rangers the previous Sunday game. I say, commit to Bob in the stretch and they’ll still win enough to finish in the one spot.
    They’re still #1 in the East and #2 in the league (ahead of Detroit due to the higher point %), so let’s not wussy-out about it like our Chicken Little blogger does about Utley.

  5. Richards is a great captain. The end.
    I’d get tired of answering the same stupid questions too.

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