As you saw in the post below, last night's game got a little heated. Lou Williams likes that… and Mo Speights is confident, makes fun of the Raptors.

Lou Will:

Aww man. Good win.. Got a Lil chippy… But we like that… Haha. Goodnight my people..


Mo Speights:

Great win tonight for us !!!!!!! Thanks everybody on the east for staying up in watch the game 

Q:  who would u rather get swept by….Boston or Chicago?????

We wont get swept by no one clown

Q: I guess beating the 'CLIPPERS' would be a good win for you ha ha!!

Better than the raptors


Oh yeah, this is the douchey blogger (Hello, kettle, you're black) who was trash talking Mo- he works at Walmart.

Sixers basketball, feel the excitement! For the first time all year, I'm not saying that sarcastically. And is it just me, or was Mo Speights calling the kid a clown hilarious?