Lute Olson Takes a Dig at Iggy

Iguodala_olsonThis picture has nothing to do with anything, but it's hilarious

Or a Diggy, if you will.

During the second half of last night's game, when Arizona ripped-up on Duke, former Wildcat coach Lute Olson – speaking to a very unkempt Leslie Visser (good Christ, what happened to her?) – compared Derrick Williams to Andre Iguodala:

His length and jumping ability reminds me of Andre Iguodala. But Derrick is a lot better shooter, as you can see.


Heh. -nods head-

Here's the audio- click to play.

Download Lute_olson_audio

Perhaps Lute would enjoy our acclaimed series, Andre Iguodala: Portrait of a Leader.  Otherwise, him, the wildcat, and every innocent person on that bus, are gonna end up just like his friend.

H/T to reader Brian and Sean Brace for the audio.


10 Responses

  1. That picture reminded me of how it was a horrible mistake for the Sixers to wear black which had absolutely nothing to do with the red, white and blue nickname of the team. That was all about selling jerseys in the ‘hood while selling out the spirit of the franchise.
    But back to Diggy, maybe Lute has a point, I can’t bring myself to muster up any sort of defense for AI 2.0 who will never be mistaken for Ray Allen when it comes to shooting the rock. By the by, Kyle, I’m damn glad I’m not the only person who’s noticed how godawful Leslie looks these days. UGH!

  2. I think Visser just got old….she has to be in her 60’s now.
    I agree about the unis too. I hated that Temple switched to black hoops unis around when the Sixers did. Too many teams wear black so everyone looks the same.

  3. Visser is fucking horrifying. She hit the botox way too hard. It’s called aging gracefully. I’d rather see a wrinkly natural face than one that looks pinned back. Yamma hamma it’s fright night!

  4. Visser is letting herself go. I mean she’s married to 200 year old Dick Stockton for god sakes. No need for her to look good for him.

  5. But Iggy’s perpetual underbite truly puts Williams in his place and goes a long way to silence Lute Olsen, so who’s the real winner? Also – why would Iggy need to perfect a jump shot (or even work on it a little) if he already got a disgusting contract? Game: 9.

  6. As bad as Leslie looks WITH makeup on, can you imagine what a nightmare she must be WITHOUT it? And poor Dick wakes up to that visage every morning. BBRRRRRR! It’s a wonder he hasn’t gone mad and aerated his skull with double-ought like Kurt Cobain had after too many mornings opening his eyes to the hideous sight of Courtney Love. To quote Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now, “The horror! The horror!”

  7. Yes, that’s is a Speed reference. And I’ve been hawking the comments for three hours waiting for someone to get it.

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