Messin’ with Griffin

The Sixers beat the Clippers last night in LA, 104-94. They held Blake Griffin in check (for the most part), as he was only able to manage 14 points and eight rebounds. Plus, they did stuff like this to him.

Blake angry:


4 Responses

  1. Wow! What a flopper…. he is the Sidney Crosby of the NBA. It’s funny how the announcers don’t mention the three steps that were taken before the push. You have to be a horrible white athlete to get called for traveling in the NBA anymore.

  2. i watched this real time and slow-mo last night. battie looks like he’s trying to save him from a concussion, honestly. the flagrant was silly in my opinion. Bernie you hit it spot on, this guy was milking calls all night long, a la sidney crybaby

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