Mike Missanelli Drops an F Bomb on FOX

Uh oh.

Mikey Miss was caught with a bit of a live mic today on FOX.

All is good, there's some Sixers talk, a sound off plug… then bam! A what the fuck, same bullshit double combo. I love the way Lauren Cohn just plows ahead.

UPDATE: FOX has since removed the video due to a copyright claim. However, they don't remove any clips of their hit shows. Heh.

We found another, see it after the jump.

H/T to John

Missanelli Apologizes For On-Air Comment: MyFoxPHILLY.com


24 Responses

  1. I can understand if this was the first time Mike acted like an ass. But he’s heen a horse’s ass for YEARS now. How he has a job in Philly is beyond me.

  2. Why the haterade for Missanelli on this one? The camera was off and the mic was live accidentally. Blame the engineer for Fox who screwed this up. Lame.

  3. How about those Sixers Mike???? HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!…Please give us more TV like that….I only wished it was actually ABC’s Action News with Jim Gardner….I would’ve loved to have seen the old man’s face on that one….LOL… 🙂

  4. Who cares. If your kids are watching the news you have bigger issues. If you are offended by this language then I’m sorry but fuck you.

  5. ^^^What he said. That’s bush league compared to what the kids on the el scream at each other.

  6. He may have used it correctly…:

    … but he’s no Son of Schmilsson…:

    … and nowhere near close to Boudreau’s mastery of the word…:

    … but sometimes once is all it takes:

    I wonder how long it will take JD Harmeyer to snip that Missanelli clip for the Howard Stern show. With all the Sheen stuff, I say next week…
    … maybe.

  7. at least he TRIED for once to take responsibility for his actions, but not without taking a jab at his producer, dudes a prick

  8. Not surprised. Mikey Miss has been a smacked ass for years now. But yeah, I do hear far worse by high school kids on the El, especially from the GIRLS!

  9. That’s great. Missanelli is an arrogant prick but he’s the more tolerable arrogant prick who dominates the drive time airwaves.

  10. So effing what?!?! He used a grown up word. Oh No! We live in a country where we can’t swear on the air, we can’t show tits on the air, but we can have the most violent programming in the history of airwaves shown to kids everyday. This country has turned into a puritanical dictatorship when it comes to programming. It saddens me.

  11. If you dont like that language NEVER walk along market east of city hall. Everyother syllable is the F word. Holy fucksticks it gets crazy.

  12. I love how insincere the apology is, “From the bottom of heart, I am sorry, Now how bout them fucking sixers?”

  13. Misanelli is the best thing on Philly sports radio. He can curse whenever he wants. His show is great and he’s got the ratings to prove it.

  14. How come you never see the engineers, director, and all the other crew never come on the air and apologize? They’re also to blame. Hold your head up high, Mikey.

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