MLB The Show Takes a Dig at Doc

Well… sort of.

Both MLB The Show and MLB 2K11, which features Doc on the cover, came out today. I picked up a copy of The Show and promptly beat the Mets, 2-1, in the season opener (shortened season- blogger's gotta blog, yo). Doc pitched 10 innings before turning over the reins to Brad Lidge for a heart-pounding save. It's real, folks.

Anyway, talking about video game conquests is like talking about one's fantasy team- nobody cares. But Dave Campbell, one of the announcers in the game, gets in a nice little dig at Halladay whenever Roy doesn't get a borderline call:

Maybe he would get that call, but he's on the wrong game cover.


Heh. Somewhere, Joe Mauer is displeased.

This is what happens when we're in a "sports lull." Carry on.


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  1. Hoenstly, I love when games take the time to put in little, unique, stuff like that. It makes me wish I had a PS3, so I could buy The Show. I was thinking about buying 2k11 but I’m not sure its Werth overspending for… (heh.)

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