New Injury: Brad Lidge’s Biceps Tendon UPDATE! Now Tendinitis

Brad_lidge"You have mine, Brad"

UPDATE: Also from, Brad Lidge says it's tendinitis. 

"It's not really a major deal. It's biceps tendinitis. We'll let it calm down for a couple days, play catch for a couple days and get back in there soon."


Wow, that's a new soreness-to-tendinitis record, even for the the Phillies.


Brad Lidge was scheduled to make the bus trip to Kissimmee, Florida, for today's game against the Astros, but a sore biceps tendon caused him to stay behind, according to

The last time we heard "soreness," Chase Utley's knee turned into a grinding mess of cartilage and bone which couldn't be helped with a cortisone shot. Not good. Perhaps this explains Lidge's 9.00 ERA this spring. I'm going "glass half empty" on all injury new from here on out.


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  1. Well that explains why he was only hitting like 85mph on the gun according to Conlin. I’m a little more worried about this than the Utley injury.

  2. And I believed him when he said this was the healthiest he’s been in camp since joining the Phils. But, is this why he was having trouble with the fastball or did the constant work on trying to get the fastball right end up causing this?

  3. Let’s hope Madson is in good shape and improves his performance this year. I don’t think that’s possible under Dubee’s wing. Maybe Amaro should go shopping for another guy to close while Lidge is gimpy.

  4. Just heard about this on KYW a few minutes ago. What the hell is going on here? First Utley, now Lidge! The next time I hear a Phillie say he has “soreness”, I’m gonna jump off the Ben!

  5. it just gets worse and worse as the days go on. and it all goes back to the fact that we didn’t use the winter to address our most serious needs, a right handed bat and our bullpen; intstead, Cliff Lee.

  6. I’m thinking “tendinitis” has become a catch-all for any joint pain a player has. Ricky Bo mentioned last week that he’d go on the DL for a few weeks every year with “tendinitis”, but it was really a torn labrum or something that he just continued pitching through and dealing with the pain.
    Short term they’ll be fine. It just kind of messes up relief roles until everyone gets back and slotted.

  7. maybe he could have a rat gnaw that thing off his face and graft into his gimpy biceps, that thing looks like it would do all kinds of magic once amongst muscle tissue and highly oxygentated blood.

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