Now Brad Lidge is Hurt, Will Likely Start Season on the DL

This is getting ridiculous. Just as Lidge returned from what was called "biceps tendinitis," a new injury to his pitching arm was announced: Shoulder soreness.

He will get an MRI on Monday when the team returns to Philadelphia. Ruben Amaro said he would likely start the season on the DL.

Lidge: [Zo Zone]

I'm a little concerned because I haven't had shoulder problems in the past. That being said it might just be … there's other things in there that you can have that can be a byproduct of just straining it and they're not serious. That's obviously what I'm counting on right now. Hopefully right now I just needed more time than we gave it.


Phillies injuries this spring: Dom Brown (broken hand), Chase Utley (destroyed knee cartilage- I'm paraphrasing), Placido Polanco (elbow tendinitis), Cliff Lee (side strain- from winter, not serious), Brad Lidge (biceps tendinitis, shoulder soreness), Roy Oswalt (ball to back of head), Shane Victorino (facial lacerations). 

So much for starting-off healthy. Luckily, those last two injuries don't appear to be serious.

So what does this mean? Either Ryan Madson or Jose Contreras will be given a chance to be the closer. My vote is for the Big Truck. Madson has been given a number of limited opportunities and has never made the most of them. If Lidge isn't sidelined for more than a month or so, then why take Madson out of a role in which he thrives? The Phillies would then have to replace both their closer and their setup man.

Contreras has looked good this spring, giving up only two runs in seven innings, while striking out seven and walking none. He throws hard and doesn't have as much of a defined role to be removed from. With four aces, the need for multiple mid-inning guys isn't as great. J.C. Romero is more than capable to pitch the seventh.

Plus, Madson gets all sweaty and huffy when he's out there in the ninth [Jim McCormick takes a look at Madson's "closer's mentality"].  That's much different from cyclopes eighth inning Madson, who is frighteningly efficient.

UPDATE: It doesn't sound like Amaro thinks Madson can be the closer, either. [Philled In]

“There’s nothing that Ryan’s done other than his ability – he may have the ability to close as far as his stuff is concerned, but he has not gotten to the point where he would be a guy that we could rely on yet because he hasn’t proven that. Could he prove it at some point? Sure. Could he be a closer at some point? Perhaps. But there’s nothing in his career so far that has shown us that he’s ready to take that step forward.”


Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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9 Responses

  1. No one should be surprised by this Lidge news. The guy is officially cooked. He hasn’t had a fastball since 2008. His name is not Mariano Rivera so there will be no reinventing of himself.
    It’s time for Madson to step up. He’s had numerous chances and he’s said numerous times that he wants to close. Well Ryan, let’s close. You want to make closer money? Close ballgames then.

  2. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as Lidge had been going downhill ever since ’08. I don’t want to believe he’s cooked like last night’s fried chicken, but the evidence is certainly leaning in that direction. However, depending on Ryan Madson to be the closer is a perilous proposition at best, a fool’s errand at worst. The kid has shown in the past that he just doesn’t have the mental makeup for the job, and I see no reason to believe things will change for him overnight. Until Madson shows me conclusive proof that he can be The Man in the ninth inning, I’m going to be concerned.

  3. I’ve never been very eloquent or effective at speaking in public forums, but I’ll try anyways:
    That is all. Fuck.

  4. It’s a good thing that closer role is highly overrated too so we have that going for us. As long as someone is getting hitters out in the key situations that’s all that matters. Often times the 8th inning presents the toughest hitters and if Madson can sit those guys down it won’t be a big deal.

  5. “Thank God the last two aren’t serious”? I am confused. the only two that are serious are Brad and Chase. Shane is fine, Oswalt is fine, Polanco is back in the lineup today so he is fine, Cliff said his was a non-issue like 3 1/2 weeks ago so he is fine. Dom Brown had a 50/50 chance of starting in the minors even if he was healthy. So relax. Jeez.

  6. To add to the above, I didn’t know that Polanco had tendonitis I thought it was a hyperextended elbow?

  7. Keeping Madson as the set-up guy makes financial sense for the Phils. Madson’s a free agent, and giving him 40+ save opportunities would make Madson worth anywhere between 10-13 million/year for at least 3 years.

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