Official: Luis Castillo to Phillies

Hello from sunny and 83 degree Clearwater.

According to the Phillies beat writers, Luis Castillo has agreed to a minor league deal and will report to Clearwater (did I mention it’s sunny here?) today. He will be joining the Phillies as a non-roster invitee and the team won’t have to make a decision to purchase his contract until March 31st.

I’ll be back tomorrow to pen you sweet grammatical stylings, but, right now, I’m waiting in line at a Phillies-fan packed Lenny’s (you can hate me now).

As for the Castillo move… I like it. He’s getting old (35) and was hurt last year (who wasn’t?), but he’s a contact hitter who doesn’t strike out a lot. That’s exactly what the Phillies need right now.

Put more succinctly: He’s a better hitter than Wilson Valdez.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, French Toast awaits.


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  1. “I’ll be back tomorrow to pen you sweet grammatical stylings…”
    Don’t sprain your head, Laddie-boy.
    And heed all the “brown tide” warnings over there (whhich gets little attention thanks to the soonahmees). Remember, the Gulf is the end of the line for all the redneck sewage from Texas, Looeasyanna, Mississippi, and Fleorgiabama, plus all the Midwest states because of the Old Man River basin.
    And don’t worry about rubbing it in my face. It’s all sunny and warm here in the 33139 too. Plus all the nice trim is down here.

  2. HAHA keep picking up METS garbage. Waldez, Scheneider, Figueroa.. now castillo. Must really show something about the organization. Mets released Oliver Perez today…you will pick him up too?
    and Kyle Castillo is god awful,have fun.

  3. eric when you have an argument that makes sense you should come back and share…you’re really going to act like the phillies aren’t one of the best organizations in the league right now?

  4. hey Eric you do realize that guys we pick up from the Mets actually turn out to be pretty good? i.e. valdez, schneider. not sure what you mean by your post but when the Phils pick them up, they are for backup purposes, not break out stars.

  5. “Can’t be that great in the 33139 if you spend your time writing dumb shit like that” Posted by: Mike | March 21, 2011 at 11:05 AM
    You’re a returd, Mike, because you’re full of dumb shyte yourself. Reread my post, returded Mike, because I didn’t say it was all great, I said it’s all sunny and warm too. Plus there’s a lotta nice trim down here.
    I believe people make their own paradise, except if they’re a returd like you, Mike.

  6. Maybe so, Steve, but I suspect we may have pressed our luck with Castillo. I would have preferred the Phils go in another direction, but if THIS was the best Ruben could do, then I’m concerned.

  7. Flash, you’re probably right. But it’s a low risk, high reward situation.
    According to Adam G’s posting: “… the Mets would still be responsible for most of his $6 million salary…”
    If that’s the case, it’s likely that the monthly budget on road-trip prophylactics may be more than what the Phillies end-up paying for Castillo. Not bad in my book.

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