Phillies Announce New Food Options at Citizens Bank Park… and a Contest

From the department of "not nearly as cool as last year's hot dog contest" (the South Philly Dog is the best sandwich in the stadium), the Phillies have announced a showdown between two new "healthy sandwiches."

Starting on April 1st, you can vote at (not live yet) for either the Grilled Chipotle Chicken Wrap (grilled chicken, sliced avocado, tomato, romaine lettuce, cilantro and low-fat yogurt on a whole wheat wrap) or the Char-grilled Turkey Burger (seasoned turkey patty with sliced avocado and housemade tomato salsa on a multi-grain whole wheat roll). Ews.

The winner will be announced after the All-Star break and will be available throughout the 2011 season.

It appears the wussification of America is alive and well at CBP, as most of the other menu options the Phillies have added are uber healthy. You can now have Go-Gurt Day at the ballpark!

And hummus? Are you kidding me?

Enhanced Food & Beverage ExperienceFrom traditional ballpark fare…to foods with Philadelphia flavor…to healthier and gluten-free options, there has always been plenty to choose! With this vast selection comes the addition of several new features for the 2011 season:

NEW! Menu Items

  • NEW! Philly Fresh stand, behind Section 139, featuring healthier menu options. Includes the Hall of Fame Salad (mixed greens, red grapes, pistachios, dried cranberries, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette); Shanghai Chicken Salad (grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, crispy Asian-style noodles, carrots, scallions, low-fat ginger soy dressing); trail mix; whole-grain pretzels; strawberry banana and mango smoothies; low-fat yogurt and berry parfait; hummus dip with pita crisps; carrots and celery with low-fat ranch dressing; Go-Gurt yogurt and sugar-free Tastykakes. 
  • NEW! Panini stand, behind Section 134, featuring hot-pressed buffalo chicken and Cuban sandwiches. 
  • NEW! Tastykakes. Includes Chocolate Cupcakes, Butterscotch Krimpets and Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes. Available at South Philadelphia Market stands (behind Sections 106, 177, 128, 206, 318 and 323) and Hall of Fame and Diamond Clubs. Sugar-Free Tastykakes available at Philly Fresh (behind Section 139). 
  • NEW! Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt, behind Sections 127 and 315.


This reminds me of a failed joke I once wrote about hummus: Chicks go crazy over hummus. Why? It's just chickpeas. If I told you I had some crushed chickpeas, would you get excited?

That question inevitably elicits a response about how there is so much more to hummus than just chickpeas.

Anyway, the ladies will be happy. There's hummus.

Full list of ballpark additions, including Tommy Bahama shirts (the Gillick effect), after the jump.


New! Merchandise & Novelty Enhancements: The newly-remodeled Majestic Clubhouse Store – now open seven days a week – features even more exclusive fan and pet accessories, as well as unique Countdown to Opening Day Deals.

New! Merchandise & Novelties

  • Phanatic Pillow Pets. Popular pillow pets are now in the form of the Phillies’ mascot.
  • Home Goods: Includes Phillies-themed stained glass lamps, cake pans and piggy banks.
  • Player Name & Number Tees by Majestic: 2 for $40 – choose from women’s, men’s, youth and toddler. Any size, any color, any player. More than 110 options, 18 players and nine colors available.
  • Tommy Bahama premium camps shirts and outerwear.
  • PA Lottery Phillies Instant Game: The Pennsylvania Lottery has introduced a new, $5 instant Phillies game on sale at the Majestic Clubhouse Store and Official Phillies Merchandise Stand on the Terrace Level (behind Section 323), as well as lottery retailers across Pennsylvania. The game offers six prizes from $50,000 to $100,000, more than $10 million in total cash prizes and hundreds of second-chance drawing prizes. Game details, including a list of all available prizes, are online at
  • Expanded Ladies Apparel: Includes Touch by Alyssa Milano, player t-shirts and jerseys cut especially for women.
  • Expanded Pet Section: Features jerseys, food bowls, leashes, collars, toys and more.
  • Expanded Jersey Section: Includes 14 player options in home pinstripes and road grey replica jerseys by Majestic.

Countdown to Opening Day Deals! From now until the start of baseball season, fans can enjoy 10 days of deals at the Majestic Clubhouse Store. Includes buy one cap or hat and get second at half price (March 27), 10 percent off pet accessories, 2 for $40 name and number tees, free 42-inch inflatable bat with $50 purchase and free golf towel with any Cutter & Buck purchase.


New! Retail Locations & Exclusive Offerings 

Phillies Authentics Store: Game-Used and Autographed Memorabilia: Located behind Section 133 on the main concourse. Features authenticated game-used items such as baseballs, bases, lineup cards and jerseys; authenticated autographed items; official Phillies publications and DVDs, baseball cards and more. 

The '47 Brand Store: Located behind Section 137 on the main concourse. Features premium licensed Phillies headwear and apparel by ’47 Brand, products which are defined by uncompromised attention to detail and quality. 


New! Red Goes Green Pilot Program 

Food Decomposing System: This high-volume organic waste decomposition system, created by BioHitech America, will safely and quickly decompose virtually all organic food waste – diverting the material from a landfill. This, in turn, reduces air pollution, harmful greenhouse gases, and dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil sources. For more info on the Phillies award-winning Red Goes Green program, in partnership with ARAMARK and Global Spectrum, please visit

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23 Responses

  1. Hurrah for more women’s jerseys! When buy a man jersey and I have to hem it so it doesn’t come past my knees!

  2. I’d be more excited about this if I thought for one second it would mean some of the fatties walking around the stadium would actually put down the 2 BBQ pork sammies from Bull’s and grab a salad. But they won’t so they’ll keep taking up half my seat. Instead, the lines will be full of vain, obsessive compulsive chicks like myself who can only eat 5 grapes for breakfast to avoid balloning up and looking grotesque in their Alyssa Milano Touch gear.

  3. Honestly I dont mine the healthier options, it’s nice to have something there to eat where you DON’T feel like a fat ass. Don’t get me wrong, when I go to a phils game, I will still be goin for crab friend and either a schmitter or tony lukes, but for those who don’t wish to die an early death, its a good idea, and good business by the phillies

  4. Did an avacado kill your dog or something? Serious avacado haterade drinkin goin on… I’d eat either of the “contestant” foods.
    Overall I’m with Brian, good business move by the Phils. And, really good business/PR move to introduce Tastycakes to the ballpark– trying to save a business partner bordering on bankruptcy is a good call.

  5. I’m going to vote for the chicken wrap. Sounds yummy. I find turkey burgers to be bland and burgers tend to get ruined in the fast paced sales environment.

  6. I’m partial towards turkey burgers, IF they’re cooked right, and that can be an iffy proposition at a ballpark. But, including Tastykake is, to quote a certain crazed comedian, WINNING!

  7. OH NO! Not a healthy alternative! How Satanic! Get over your fake-ass manly facade. Thank god somebody gives a shit enough to give us the completely voluntary option of eating something that wont kill us in three seconds so we live to see the Phillies win all of their World Series. Thank you CBP, you think far beyond your “macho” fans.

  8. @Brian: You’ll be going for a crab friend? LOL! Not so psyched about the “healthy” foods, but VERY psyched about the Tastykakes! They need all the help they can get right now, too!

  9. Now that we have tastykakes in their can we get some GD philly softpretzels in there?! Super pretzels are awful and unnessecarily expensive. feel free to mark up a soft pretzel, but make them an option, support local business.

  10. I was all over that chicken wrap — grilled chicken, sliced avocado (I got no problem with avocado, it’s the fattiest veggie going), tomato, romaine lettuce, cilantro — wait, “and low-fat yogurt”? What the hell’s that? And where’s the chipotle? In the yogurt? Wait…YOGURT? Go Gurt day? What’s with the Armenian dairy product obsession?

  11. @Lew yogurt dressings can be very good and complimentary depending on the dish.
    Take out the chicken in the wrap and it sounds delicious to me! I love my unhealthy nachos, but I applaud the Phillies for having vegetarian and healthy options.

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