Phillies Have Three of the Top Ten Most Popular Jerseys (By Sales)

Cliff_lee_jerseyYou show me one pic where his chin isn't ironic and I'll show you a lie

According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, the Phillies are the only team to have three of the top ten most sold jerseys:

5: Cliff Lee (all teams)

4: Chase Utley

3: Roy Halladay

Something tells me that most of those Lee jersey sales came in the final month of 2010.

I used to be the person responsible for reporting this stuff for Even through 2009, the number of Phillies jerseys sold paled in comparison to the type of numbers the Yankees and Red Sox threw up there. It looks like that gap has significantly narrowed.

Fun fact: If you buy a Phillies jersey online at, Modell's, Dick's, The Sports Authority, ESPN, or FogDog, it's likely going to come from the same warehouse and be handled by GSI Commerce in King of Prussia. That goes for all of the leagues. Monopolies!

View the rest of the top ten here.

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6 Responses

  1. Or you could simply buy your new #33 from an offshore website and cut out all of the thieving middlemen in the process. Mine just flew in from China last night, and boy are it’s arms tired… something that costs $200 here, one can get shipped for less than 25% of the price. and ALL of the other local retailers are robbing people blind.

  2. fcskills, ALL of those jerseys from China are fake. Google it.

  3. Yeah, but what makes them fake? Is it the little stitched logo on the bottom of the jersey? Cuz if that is all that there is to make it authentic what’s the real difference other than people who care about brand names? Like “I bought my white tee at Abercrombie and it cost me $30” and “you dumb shit I bought mine at K Mart and it cost me $2, the only difference is the name on the tag.” If it is made and China, if it is the same material, same number, same player’s name, just because a jersey isn’t authenticated and licensed by Majestic or Reebok or whatever doesn’t really mean it is fake. You may be supporting illegitimate working enterprises such as sweat shops though if ya buy the cheap overseas ones.

  4. Kraig, they arnt the same matierial, I have ordered the fake ones from china AND authentic ones from and the difference is very noticeable. The quality is not nearly as good.

  5. Then you aren’t going to the correct websites. Not only are mine equal in quality, they also have the majestic branding and logos installed. I have compared them side by side with merchandise bought here. There is NO difference in quality.

  6. Kyle, one of these days your gonna have to explain this ironic chin thing. I mean I’d definitely say his chin is Iconic, but I’m missing the irony of it. Meanwhile… Lou Will is showing why he should be getting Iggy’s salary.

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