Manuel Could Agree to an Extension with Phils This Week, Could Be His Last Big League Contract

Could it be all smiles with Amaro and Charlie again soon?

CSN Philly's Jim Salisbury reports that Philles manager Charlie Manuel is close to signing a two-year extension with the team. The move would keep the skipper in a Phillie uniform until 2013.

Via "The Salisbury":

Manuel, 67, is signed through the 2011 season. He is expected to receive a two-year extension that would pay him between $3.5 million and $4 million per season. He makes $2.4 million this season.


Charlie also chimed in, mentioning to's Todd Zolecki that "there is a good chance" a deal would be announced this weekend. Manuel also shared that if the extension goes through, it may be his final contract as a big league manager. Sad face. More on that via The Zo Zone:

"I set the length of time on the deal because I'll be 69 when the deal runs out," said Manuel, who turned 67 in January. "I'll sit down and kind of evaluate where I'm at. I'll talk to them. We'll see where they're at. As long as I stay healthy and stuff like that I'm probably going to want to stay in the game. More than likely, I'm going to manage as long as I can. I'm not ready for somebody to say, 'I'm going to retire Charlie.' If I'm going to retire, I'm going to retire myself."


You can't blame the guy for wanting to possibly go out on his own terms. In fact, Manuel has been clear about his terms with the contract from the get-go.

As we discussed a month ago, Manuel had placed a deadline on a possible contract extension for April 1st. Skip didn't want to talk money during the regular season. With a possible deal being signed this week, Charlie may not have to go through the long 2011 season quietly asking himself where he'll be in 2012… or 2013 for that matter.

Four division titles, two pennants, and a World Series trophy. You can't argue with success, unless there's a contract involved.

Here's to hoping that the arguing is just about over with.

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