Phillies Team Plane Circles Stadium to Get Glimpse of New HD Scoreboard

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Something about planes and aerial views always stirs the imagination. So, last night, when the Phillies returned to Philadelphia, the captain of their charter flight requested a fly-by of Citizens Bank Park so the team could get a glimpse of the new HD scoreboard that read "Welcome Back Phillies." [NBC Philadelphia]

As the sun set Monday not only on Phillies spring training but on the City of Brotherly Love, the Phillies’ charter flight circled over Citizens Bank Park before landing at Philly International Airport.

The charter pilot reportedly asked if the Phightins flight could do a wrap around the ballpark so that the players could get a good look at the new hi-def scoreboard.


Want proof? Here's the audio from the tower:

The Phillies' plane is Delta 8890.

Love the other pilot saying, "That wouldn't be the Phillies team plane would it?"

Then later:

Tower: That was a nice move there. Nice move.

Pilot: That was a good time for the Phillies.

Tower: Alright and they should be happy.


One of two things happened: Either the players were glued to the starboard windows of the aircraft as it circled above their home, or, most the guys were awaking from a two-hour slumber and anxiously anticipating landing so they could get back home before being forced to play two exhibition games in 40 degree weather the next two nights.

Hey, we can dream, right?


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  1. Holy hell, I couldn’t decipher half of that. Those air traffic controllers do a lot. And they were awake, imagine that.

  2. That was just incredible…..Think about it, either it was the pilot’s idea on his own which is possible but doubtful or the head office of the phillies organization getting the signs message posted and getting the plane to do a fly by for the boys….now that is some amazing and adrenaline moving stuff!! Nice play, Reuben!!

  3. I gave a pint of O+ yesterday at the Phillies blood drive just to get an early peek at the new scoreboard. Yes it’s big, but it’s the HD component that made it look impressive.
    This season can’t start soon enough.

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