Phillies’ Top Scout Following Michael Young, Utley Says He Feels No Pain Taking BP

Apparently, Ruben may not be done kicking those tires…

…but don't hold your breath.

The news was broken by Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman, as you can see below:


Reading this shouldn't exactly tell you that the Phillies are going after Michael Young. The biggest road block involving a potential acquisition of the disgruntled Rangers star is obviously money, as Young is about to enter the third year of a five-year, $80 million extension. The dude is expensive.

What it should tell you is that the injury to Chase Utley is potentially serious enough to entertain the thought of Young. Generally, it should tell you that the team is at least lightly considering some type of insurance policy outside their current roster if Utley remains on the shelf for an extended period of time.

Ryan Lawrence of the DelCo Times has another name in mind if Utley needs replacin'.

If the Phillies were searching for an upgrade on the outside, a better name might be University of Penn product Mark DeRosa. Capable of playing second base, third base and left field, DeRosa could be fighting for regular playing time in a crowded outfield in San Francisco and the Phils have had interest in him before.

DeRosa, who is owed $6 million this season, is a free agent after the season. But before you begin scouring the trade rumor mills for other trendy names, remember that it was Wilson Valdez, and not a flashier name, that ended up playing in place of Jimmy Rollins for most of 2010.

DeRosa is certainly more affordable, that's for sure. And with his contract up at the end of this season, he doesn't carry the extra baggage that Young does.

However, we should remember all in all that Chase is not dead. He did speak with reporters today and said that he feels no pain when taking batting practice. He was also asked about his return… there's a shocker.

Via David Hale of Philled In:

“I’m doing everything I can to try to get back on the field, but there is no timetable,” he said. “We’re not going to look for the short-term solution. I want to be smart about this and realize I have three years left on this contract to fulfill.”

Utley is here for a while, which is maybe another why the Phillies should go after a grizzled vet with an expiring contract. Lawrence may just be on to something.

Speaking of Lawrence, he took video of Utley today as he spoke. You can check that out after the jump.


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  1. Well, its certainly a smudge on beginning of the season, considering hopes are so high with this shiny new pitching staff.
    Nobody is going to score any runs on us this season anyway, so as long as we can find a somewhat productive replacement for Chase to fill the gap, we should be OK.
    As much as this news sucks, everyone has to remember that Chase only played 115 games last season. If anything, this team has proved that they can win without him consistently in the lineup. Or without Jimmy. Or Ryan. It’s a deep, versatile team. They easily adapt and adjust.
    We have the pitching to overcome this kind of loss. Let’s just hope its not a long term thing.
    Anyone have Mickey Morandini’s number?

  2. Young would be a great fit in this town if it wasnt for the money and the fact that we still have Chase signed for the long term. The guy is a gamer who wants to flat out win. On the other hand, Derosa would be a perfect fit as well. It seems like every offseason I hear his name linked to the Phils in some capacity. Go get the Quaker!

  3. DeRosa and his banged up wrist…no thanks. A few years ago I was driving the bus to bring him in. Not now.

  4. Hmm, let’s see, Michael Young with that albatross of a contract the Phils might not be able to absorb without shipping out more talent, or Mark DeRosa who’s far more affordable and would be a better fit in the short run until Utley’s healthy…whenever that will be. I’ll take my chances on DeRosa.

  5. They don’t need either guy, just ride out Valdez until Chase is ready to go. With this staff, they don’t need much, its a marathon not a sprint. Im fine with Valdez for the short term, he was okay last year

  6. Yep. Valdez will be perfectly fine as a stopgap. If the deadline rolls around and Chase is still MIA and Valdez can’t hit his way out of a paper bag then you explore alternate options.

  7. youngs eyes are penetrating…. its like a modern day mona lisa. following me around the room.

  8. this is why the NL should have the DH. its unfair that if this was an AL team, chase could just DH. either both leagues should have it or neither

  9. Joe D: Sounds logical to me, but what if your worse case scenarios regarding Utley and Valdez come true, but those “alternative options” are playing for other teams which asks for the moon and stars in trade come deadline time? I say, bring in someone like DeRosa as an insurance policy now, or, at the very least, keep an eye on those waiver wires when teams start shedding players before heading north for someone who’ll fill the Phils’ needs without breaking the bank.

  10. It’s really nice to know that Rube is always one step ahead. Oh Utley might need surgery? Well I’ve got scouts following Michael Young around.
    Here’s hoping that this is all for not and Utley comes back 100% “the man” that we know he is. If not, don’t worry Philly, Rube has our back.

  11. Utley will have surgery this year and miss (most of) the season (if not most, in the scenario that he starts and gives it his all before ending the season and going under the knife).
    I am calling it now, its reality not a hope as I love Utley and the Phillies….this whole thing suckssss

  12. It is a certainty that DeRosa does not carry the contractual baggage of Michael Young but it is also a certainty that DeRosa could not carry Michael Young’s jockstrap!

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