Phils Say Brown Surgery Successful, Continue to Ignore Existence of Chase Utley

Phillies trainer Scott Sheridan said Domonic Brown underwent successful surgery this morning to remove the hamate bone in his right hand. He can be swinging a bat again in as little as two weeks.

Why? Because, other than scar tissue, there's nothing that actually has to heal.

Sheridan says Brown could be back to playing a "full out" in 4-6 weeks.

That's good. How about Chasey? [via Matt Gelb]

The update on Utley from trainer Scott Sheridan: "He's a nice gentleman." That will be the only update of the day.


Of course he is, but that's another none update on Chase, and we're now four days out from his cortisone shot. Not good.

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12 Responses

  1. i think you are all misinterpreting (you should see how I spelled that word before spell check fixed it) Utley’s injury. They are trying to rest him up for the season and they don’t want to say, “Well utley’s at the first tee right now not working hard so we can save his energy.”

  2. Unfortunately, it sounds like another 100-game season for Chase. Let’s just all hope he can play the majority of games, and contribute as much as possible.
    He can be a streaky hitter. So when he’s hot, he gets hotter than anybody in the sport. But when he’s in a slump, it usually lasts awhile.
    I just hope that if he DOES play very little due to this injury, that it doesn’t keep him from getting into a groove.
    Bottom line is we need him, and badly. The platoon filled in nicely in his absence last season, but I’m not willing to rely on it again.

  3. I just don’t understand the cortisone shot. You are only allowed 3 in a year and he got his first in March. Is he expecting this one to carry him until May/June then get another and another?

  4. “Phils… Continue to Ignore Existence of Chase Utley”
    “The update on Utley from [Phillies] trainer Scott Sheridan…”
    Hmmmm, sounds like you’re contradicting yourself. Is that what they taught you at that school of yours?

  5. @Joe D: Is that a Commandment of Bud Selig? I know that Drs don’t want you to take them too often because of the side effects. It can suppress your immune system. It can also lead to diabeetus and bad shyte related to diabeetus.

  6. @Iron….that’s just the common practice of most doctors. Most say that they won’t administer more than 3 shots a year.

  7. Hmmmm, Dr Quack gives me at least twice as much per year as that for my old war wounds… I was fighting for everyone’s freedoms—including that of freedom of speech… so that certain posters can call other poster dooshes and jackarses…
    But seriously, so then there really is no limit to how many times a player can get a cortisone shot per year?

  8. I’m assuming that some players would take on more than 3 in a year but that will just further illustrate that this knee problem is serious and not going away without some sort of surgery. At least Valdez is more serviceable than say David Doster or Rex Hudler.

  9. “But seriously, so then there really is no limit to how many times a player can get a cortisone shot per year?”
    I mean in regards to any official MLB rules. We know performance enhancing substance are banned.

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