Reports Insist Kevin Kolb is Worth A First-Round Pick

"Did you hear that, Michael? People want me."

The Eagles must have been serious when they said they were listening to offers for backup Kevin Kolb.  The NFL Owners Meetings are currently taking place in New Orleans, and Peter King is reporting that one team may have already put a deal on the table for Kolb. Via Monday Morning Quarterback:


At the NFL meetings Sunday, a good source told me Reid already has one team willing to offer a first-round pick for Kolb, and now he's looking for a team with a higher choice in the round to make him a better deal.

What you can draw from this is that the Eagles seem serious about moving the embattled quarterback if the asking price is right. Unfortunately nothing can be done regarding any type of deal if the league remains in its current state of limbo.
There is, however, one loophole that Tim McManus points out in his piece over at Philly Sports Daily. It could allow for trades and free agency to take place the way that we have grown to know and love it.
The players association has filed for an injunction to block the current lockout. If that injunction is granted then teams would in all likelihood be allowed to sign free agents and trade players.
It's just another twist and turn in the world of shit that currently is the NFL. As a fan, you would have to hope that something like this can get done. If not,  the draft won't be like the draft you've seen in the past and the Eagles seemingly have something to lose if that's the case.

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  1. This situation with Kolb is both interesting, and troublesome. While Kolb wants out of Philly on the first thing smoking, Fatboy Andy had DAMN well better have an excellent plan in mind for replacing him, because when, not if Mike Vick gets himself splattered all over the field during one of his foolish runs in a game next season (IF there’s a next season), the Mike Kafka era will begin. Does anyone here want that? Didn’t think so.

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