Rick Reilly Takes a Jab at Jeffrey Lurie

ESPN.com just posted a slant piece from Rick Reilly, which basically criticizes NFL owners for making money.

I'm firmly on the side of the players in this, especially considering there are no guaranteed contracts and many players only have a small window of career earnings opportunity- like these guys, who asked Brandon Graham for money. However, Reilly takes aim at owners for the mere fact that they're rich. How rich, you ask? Well, in total, they're worth about $40 billion. And Oscar winner Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has a big house: [ESPN.com]

Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, owns an 18-bedroom estate with a three-hole golf course, two-lane bowling alley, two-story recreation center and indoor tennis court. He's really going to lock players out? For what, his own ski hill?



This comes on the heels of Bill Simmons' column, which was a 3,000 hypothetical on Simmons as a greedy blogger (imagine that?—get your tickets and t-shirts right here) who acted just like the greedy NFL owners- a much more descriptive and understanable piece about the impending lockout.

But making fun of Lurie is always fun, so let's just ignore the topic and laugh at his indoor tennis court. Heh. 

H/T to Daniel

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11 Responses

  1. I liked the article. Reilly has a point – there’s no room for owners who make billions of dollars every year to say that they aren’t going to allow their players to play because they can’t make money.

  2. While I am a full proponent of capitalism, the NFL owners are just about everything that is wrong with that system. What a bunch of greedy fucks.

  3. Even worse, those very same greedy owners who are literally printing money hand over foot find some sort of twisted rationale for firing team personnel and, with a straight face, call it a cost cutting measure.

  4. Millionaires vs. billionaires… that’s all it is. I don’t feel especially bad for either side…
    The owners should pony up and pay the salaries (especially if they want them to play more games), and the players should hire accountants and/or make sound investments instead of living high off the hog and blowing every penny within 10 years of retirement. Giving them more money isn’t going to solve that problem, they’ll just buy another sports car because they “can afford it”.
    Boohoo… I’m 26 years old and can barely afford the one bedroom apartment I live in… Sorry if I don’t have much sympathy for either side.

  5. not millionares but okay. how do you even know where lurie stands. apparently he’s more for the players.

  6. Ultimately the issue is the NFL owners want corporate socialism for – all reward and no risk and capitalism for the players – high reward for the top, much less reward for every one else with high risk for all. And the players just want less risk and a little more reward.

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