Scout Says Castillo is Done


In case we haven't beaten our 10-day tryout flyer pseudo replacement second baseman to death enough, here's this, courtesy of new Phillies beat reporter Jim McCormick: [Philly Sports Daily]

Recently, a National League scout told Philly Sports Daily that Castillo’s trademark speed is essentially sapped. The source said, “He’s done as far as I see it, this isn’t much more than kicking tires.”


Tires that are apparently flat. Nice.

That's in addition to Jon Heyman's comment to Howard Eskin (funny, same way a blogger gets information) about Castillo having lost all of his fielding range. Even better.

As J-Mac (that's what we're going with here) points out, Castillo led the majors in percentage of ground balls hit last year (63%). Not good for a guy with two flat tires.

But I still like the "signing." And you should, too. Here's why: If the injuries to either Utley or Polanco linger, Castillo could prove to be an adequate bat to fill the Wilson Valdez gap. He is a career .290 hitter who batted .302 in 2009 before hurting his foot in 2010. Plus, the Phillies will have until March 31st to make a decision on him. If they don't like him, they let him go. If the keep him, they will only have to pay him the league minimum of $414,000. The Mets will pay the rest of his $6 million salary.

Speaking of our friends assholes to the north, the Mets let go of Oliver Perez today. They will eat his $12 million salary. That's right, the broke team will be paying $17.5 million worth of salary to two players they released.

The Amazin' Mets, folks.


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  1. “He might hit 30 homers in that place,” Mets starter Mike Pelfrey quipped, referring to Citizens Bank Park’s reputation as a haven for hitters.
    HAHA big Pelf aint lying

  2. I like Castillo if he has anything left. He doesn’t strike out much and may be able to hit 2nd. Then you can drop Polanco down in the order if need be to have another RBI bat if Francisco, Ibanez, et al, get off to poor starts. Without Utley this team will have to play more small ball. Howard is the only guy on the team who has definite 20+ HR potential this season…a far cry from 2009 where 4 guys topped 30+.

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