Sixers Beat the Celtics

Hello, real basketball team!

Not only did the Sixers beat the Celtics last night, but they a hit home run with this post game signage on the scoreboard. Well played, Sixers marketing team.

Watch Andre Iguodala close it out, after the jump.

pic via (@mattrappa).

Hop it.

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12 Responses

  1. the best thing the sixers marketing team has done in 5 years screw boston big win for the 76errrrrrrssss

  2. i was wrong about this year’s sixers team. i refuse to give any credit to the ticket guru for the sellout against the celtics on a friday night.

  3. Go Yabba…its funny isn’t it? Kyle Scott represents the front runner fan to the fullest extent.

  4. it’s alright, good thing you’ve hopped on now before everyone else does right before playoff time

  5. I requested more Sixers coverage on here 3 months ago. This is Philly, We are diehard. Don’t prove J-roll right with his “frontrunner” comments from a couple of years ago.
    It’s funny how 610 and 97.5 all of the sudden want to start talking about them. Two months ago I was hung up on by one of 610’s producers when I wanted to talk Sixers. They wanted to talk about the Eagles D Coordinatoor position instead.
    Welcome back on board Kyle.

  6. Im on my phone, and its kinda blurry so i cant really make out what it says. Can someone tell me what that says?

  7. That was a pretty good call on the part of the Sixers marketing dept.

  8. That is a classless act by a classless organization. I can assure the Sixers that they’ll have a first round exit.

  9. should have been and 1. but those are the breaks when you are not a Boston or NY team. Why would you give chalkboard material to a team that you might see in the playoffs? STUPID!

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