So About The Sixers Going to the Lil Wayne Concert 12 Hours Before Yesterday’s Loss…

After yesterday's game (which started at noon, btw), Lou Williams told the media that it might not have been a good idea for him and some of his teammates to attend the Lil Wayne concert on Saturday night.

I can't imagine why. Those rap concerts get over pretty early. []

"It was a combination of things, and it doesn't seem we came out ready to play," he said. "We took a chance last night by going to the Lil Wayne concert."

Williams did not say which teammates attended Saturday's concert at the Wells Fargo Center. "There were guys who went to the concert who played well, and guys who went who didn't play well," he said.


Count Williams and Mo Speights among those who attend and didn't play well… or at all.

Speights has been a DNP for the last 10 days, but his Tweets seem to indicate how late the players were out, or at least up, on Saturday night… Sunday morning: 3:27 A.M.

According to my Twitter client, that Tweet above came at 2:45 A.M., with the last Tweet from Speights coming almost an hour later:


Judging by the fact that NBA players are usually expected to be at the arena a few hours before the game, I'm sure the players got a good night's sleep…

Lou Will's shooting line? 1-for-12 from the field, with his only basket coming at the final buzzer. That's when he woke up.

Sixers basketball, feel the excitement!


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  1. So even on a horrible day shooting from the field and with barely any sleep, Lou Will is still more clutch then Iggy?

  2. If that’s the explanation for why the Sixers, fighting to improve their playoff position lost to a hapless bottom feeder like Sacramento, then I am absolutely outraged! Attending a rap concert the night before a noontime game was the epitome of irresponsibility on the part of the players, and that pisses me off no end! I hope Doug Collins reads them the riot act, maybe even bench the knuckleheads who decided that Lil Wayne was more important than getting a good night’s sleep before an important late season game!

  3. On the one hand, I give Lou credit for being honest. On the other hand, this is the kind of thing that happens sometimes with young players- they make bad choices.

  4. Iggy was going to go with them to the Lil Wayne concert but at the last second he missed his ride.

  5. It’s possible that Iggy wanted to go but ONLY if Turner was going so he could elbow him out of the car. Of course he would end up making wrong turns once he got about 2 min. away and never reach his destination. Pouting all the way home about it, is probable.

  6. I was backstage at the Weezy concert and there were 4 sixers there….Hawes, Holliday, Turner, and Williams. They all got there pictures taken with Weezy holding up a Sixers jersey

  7. What happened to the days where a player could go out late and party and hook up with girls and show up hungover/drunk to an afternoon game without any judgement or dissmal that it was just a stomach bug… ahhh the good days… twitter has ruined the great crazy stories told by players in tell all books after they retire… which ruins a completely profitable career for bench players like Mo… how else is he supposed to make money…

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