Temple vs. Penn State, Villanova Gets a 9 Seed

Crazy matchups.

Villanova got a higher seed than they deserved and will play George Mason, with the winner taking on Ohio State… Horrible draw. I actually wanted to see Nova play themselves into a 10 seed, to avoid a one seed in the second round.

Temple and PSU are going to start an all out internet war in Philly. Temple should win and will have a realistic shot of making the Sweet 16- I know nothing about San Diego St., but have to like their chances more against them rather than a team from a power conference.

More soon- including a link to our bracket challenge.


5 Responses

  1. Last game PSU played in the tourney was Temple in the Sweet 16 in 2001. Interesting matchup.

  2. I would agree that Villanova’s damn lucky to have been seeded THAT high, especially after that train wreck conclusion of their season and their loss to 9-win South Florida in the Big East tourney. No matter, the MILDcats won’t be around for long as George Mason will take them out.

  3. If Scootie plays, Temple has a realistic shot at the elite eight. If he doesn’t, SDSU will take care of them easily.

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