A bromance that could bring a tear to your eye…

To say that Roy Halladay is a class act would be a gross understatement at this point. We're reminded often by his modesty, work ethic, his appreciation of the fans here and elsewhere, and his respect for the game of baseball.

Seven months ago, Halladay purchased 60 watches for his teammates and other members of the Phillies organization. The watches commemorated his perfect game against the Florida Marlins last May 27th. The MSRP on the each watch was almost $4,300 and was engraved with a message saying "We did it together. Thanks, Roy Halladay".

Gives you chills, doesn't it?

Well, wait just one second, because it gets better. Roy's latest act of kindness may be his classiest ever.

He left a brown box in front of Carlos Ruiz's locker yesterday during yesterday's exhibition game against the Braves. Ruiz found the box during the seventh inning. I'll let Paul Hagen of take it from here.

Curious, [Ruiz] dug into the wrapping paper and packing bubbles and found an exact replica of Halladay's Cy Young Award. He looked at reliever Danys Baez standing nearby and said a few words in Spanish. Both men beamed.


Wow. I know that Cliff Lee gets a ton of praise around here for being, well… Cliff Lee. But it's moments like these that remind you just what kind of guy we have at the top of this Phillies rotation.

Chooch spoke briefly about his gift with some classy comments of his own:

"It's definitely going to be in a special room in my house. I'll always remember this gift from him. Anything he does for me is special, because if I were going to pay to watch baseball, that's the guy I'd like to watch play the game."


It's a beautiful bromance, folks. By the way, our resident class act takes the mound in six days to open the 2011 season against the Houston Astros. It can't come soon enough.