The Luis Castillo Experiment Has Ended

Source: Lehigh Valley Live

He showed up a day late and left a day early.

The Phillies released Luis Castillo today, ending a his brief tryout.

It looks lke the Phillies will go with Rule 5 pick Michael Martinez, who they would have had to give back if he didn't make the team.

Charlie Manuel, as per the usual, is stressing defense: [Philly Sports Daily]

“Defense is almost number one with pitching,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “Bad defense can make good pitching mediocre.”

In speaking with reporters at batting practice, Manuel said “Martinez is a really interesting guy. He can run, has a strong arm and great agility, he’s acrobatic in the field and his hitting is better than you think.”


Sage words on defense from Charlie.

Castillo's ability to handle the bat would have been useful in the lineup. But Chuck is going with defense. 

Perhaps Jon Heyman put it best:


Well that sums it up.


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  1. Well, I wasn’t exactly elated that the Phils brought in Castillo, so I’m not heartbroken that he’s been sent packing.

  2. The range thing is so true. There was a ball last night that was smoked pretty hard past Howard diving to his right. No one was going to get it, but I noticed how Castillo had barely moved while a guy like Utley or even Valdez would have at least got a jump and been on an angle in that direction. He would have cost this team runs over a replacement level player that way, he’s got nothing left.

  3. @ olo567 – I saw that. Everyone in my section was thinking he could have made a try at that. I wonder if that play made the final decision.

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