The Minnesota Timberwolves Left Philadelphia with a Loss Last Week… and Food Poisoning?

Wes Johnson: Probably still feeling as bad as those pants look…

It's not uncommon for visiting sports teams to get a taste of the ever-so-popular Philly cheesesteak. So, when some of the Minnesota Timberwolves traveled to the epicenter of the cheeseteak universe at 9th and Passyunk for a taste of Pat's and/or Geno's steaks, it normally wouldn't raise an eyebrow…

… unless one or more of them gets sick.

After some good investigative work by Where's Weems, it looks like a few of the T-wolves had some steaks before their game last Friday night against the Sixers.  The end result kept their rookie Wes Johnson out of the lineup with food poisoning. Eek.

Weems also mentions that "Sebastian Telfair, Anthony Randolph and Lazar Hayward have also struggled to stay on the court" since the team's visit to Philly. Anthony Tolliver even took to Twitter to share the pros and cons of his decision to eat Philly's most famous cuisine.


You gotta take the good with the bad, Anthony… it's a necessary evil. The good news is that Tolliver, who I drafted in my NBA 2K11 season, will be available off the bench when I pick up my PS3 controller later today.

Kevin Love was just fine that night, by the way. He put up 21 and 23 against the Sixers in a losing effort. I'm pretty sure he would put up a double-double with food poisoning, too.

H/T Where's Weems

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12 Responses

  1. sheeeeet. they blew by getting a sandwich at those greasy dumps. Next to Primanti Bros., 9th and Pasyunk is the second most dangerous hotspot in the world for outbreaks of the squirts.

  2. (Finally, a day without wussifying about Utley’s knees!)
    Personally I don’t like Pat’s or Geno’s. I like good aged provolone over that cheezwiz shyte.
    Anyway, I’m surprised players aren’t sick more often. Their hands are always touching the top off those skimpy jerseys when they use them to wipe their greasy sweaty faces. It gets nasty looking with all that greasy-sweat and they’re touching it and then they put their mouth guards in their hands during timeouts. Then they share all that vile body liquid when play and they pass the ball around. Yuck!
    Jameer Nelson may look silly with the way he chomps on that mouth guard, but at least he ain’t getting it all unsanitary-like by holding it in his dirty hands.

  3. By the way, my old bag likes me to shag her in a pair of long johns that look just like that, even though we always do it in the dark to keep each other from getting sick. That’s love.

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