The New Mets Commercial is Awful, As Expected


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  1. absolutely painful to watch. I really don’t dislike the Mets & their fans anymore. I pity them.

  2. That. is. so. bad. it’s. hilarious . . .just like the Mets.
    The NY Mess!

  3. hahaha the mets fucking suck at everything….sweet segment reyes you buttplug.

  4. damn kyle you might as well blow the mets!!! not gonna lie ill take the baseball guy over that green hedious troll thing

  5. considering MLB is paying the mets players salaries this year im surprised they had $14 left to make this horrible fuck of a commercial

  6. Good Lord I knew the Mets sucked but I didn’t realize that their team was also made up of zombies. Those dudes should give up on baseball and go audition for the Walking Dead show.

  7. Its not a commercial. Its customizable!! So you can put your kids name and uniform number in. The version above used the name Mr. Met but you can put anything in. For example, be creative and use the # 69. (For the 1969 Mets of course, what did you think I meant?)
    Go here to try it:

  8. This is awful!! Did they even have a budget for this? Oh wait they don’t have any money and really 2011 is their year!?~? WTF are they on!? I guess all the NY pollution is getting to them…. GOO PHIls!

  9. you guys and your inferiority complex…. what second class fans… how about you worry about your own team for once? the mets have not been as issue for you guys for almost three years…. how about you focus on winning instead of trying to compare yourself to new york (which is better in every way than your run down city that shuts down on the weeekends)… i don’t recall the mets every always hating on the phillies when they did well… it is so obvious you guys feel second class to new york bc even watching your broadcasts.. when you beat the mets… instead of showing excited phillies fans, you show sad mets fans… check it out seriously… PHILLY SUCKS

  10. As a relocated Mets fan living in Philadelphia, I have to agree with the above comment, and philadelphia’s inferiority complex. A year or two ago I actually saw a sign in the city promoting a winter dance show that read, “Almost as good as the Rockettes!” That is embarassing. When the phils signed Cliff Lee this offseason, the major media outlets in philadelphia seemed more excited to point out that the yankees DIDN’T get him as opposed to the fact that the phillies did. I’ve never seen a fan base that has had such success in a short period of time, yet still finds it necessary to be preoccupied with a team that, as i hate to say it, is irrelevant.
    Like in the 08 playoffs when victorino and the team was mocking jose reyes in the clubhouse. you’re in the world series and you’re still wasting your time with the mets? We appreciate it though, really we’re flattered that we’re that important to you guys.
    Your team this year could be one of the best in a long time, but your city will never be New York.

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