The Phillies Have No Financial Wiggle Room To Make Any Deals… For Real

Above: A bored Ruben Amaro… that's what happens when you're not allowed to play, I mean… trade anymore.

Philles GM Ruben Amaro was a guest yesterday on MLB Network Radio with host Jim Duquette. With Chase Utley's patellar tendinitis, Dom Brown's hand injury, and Brad Lidge's own version of tendinitis, it was no surprise when Duquette asked Rube about any upgrades the team was looking to make during the final stretches of spring training.

This time, possibly more than ever, Amaro made it clear that there is nothin' doin'. David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News was able to get his hands on a transcript of the conversation between the two.

DUQUETTE: “This is the time of the spring when you’re starting to look at possibly bolstering your bullpen or your bench or whatever it might be, but from your stand point, is there room financially to make a bigger deal if it presented itself?”

AMARO: “Nope.”

DUQUETTE: “Not at all?”

AMARO: “No, there isn’t.  Anything else you want to ask me?” (laughs)  I don’t know how many times I can say that publicly.  I have no money to play with.  Our payroll is going to be over $160 million or so and I’m tapped out, my friend.  Maxed out.”

DUQUETTE: “We were hoping for you, but alright, we got you, we’ll stop asking the question.”

AMARO: “And those rumors you’re hearing about third basemen and acquiring [a] second baseman and third baseman?  All b.s., my friend.  Just so you know.”


Wow. He even took the extra step at the end there to make it clear that the Phils won't be going after Michael Young.

The variable that can't be ignored is that we've heard this all before. "We're probably done" and "that ship has sailed" mean relatively nothing because… well… if they did, Cliff Lee wouldn't be here. Neither would Roy Oswalt.

But this time, it does feel a little bit different. The team is already overextended on payroll, and when the piggy bank is empty, folks… it's empty…

…unless it's not, of course. You never know what this front office is capable of anymore. But if I had to guess, I would say Amaro isn't kidding this time. So it's time to stop concerning yourself with what more this team can do off the field.

Frankly, I'm more worried about the Phillies that can't stay on it. And so are you.

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7 Responses

  1. Its a long season with injuries that have yet to occur, we all need to relax, its not even started yet, we just need to get into the playoffs healthy, thats MONTHS away…lets all relax and just enjoy the fact that baseball is coming with good weather….

  2. I think everyone needs to relax about the Phillies. This team won 97 games last year. 97! That was with Utley, Howard, J-Roll, Polanco, Ruiz, Victorino, Madson, Lidge, Happ, Blanton and Moyer all missing significant amounts of time. They still scored 772 runs last year (2nd best in the NL) and that was with 2/3s of the lineup having down years. And don’t tell me we need to replace Werth’s production. The dude hit like .150 with RISP. We have not 1, not 2, and not 3…but FOUR! Aces. Kyle Scott could play RF and they will still win 100 games. I love this blog, and it is one of my favorite sites, but enough with the doom and gloom for the Phillies.

  3. @adam B
    thank you. always doom and gloom for a supposed phillies fan. can we just fucking bask in the awesomeness for a second and stop panicking already jesus fucking christ. I swear all this doom and gloom on this site lately…i like this site but its starting to feel like cnn with all this depressing news.
    relax man. we are fine.

  4. I think the sentiment in the comments section is much more reserved and reasonable than these recent Phillies “doomsday” post.
    Yes, there are injuries to worry about, but as I’ve commented on before, this team won 97 games without Chase for many, many games last season. How many did he play in? Around 100 or something? That’s roughly 60 or so games without him.
    Would it be better to have him healthy for the entire season? Of course, he’s arguably the best all-around 2B in baseball. But we’re not “screwed”. We’ll find the players to fill the gaps. WE DON’T NEED TO BUY (or trade for) EXPENSIVE REPLACEMENTS!
    Don’t forget, with the pitching we have, this team is only going to need to average about 4-5 runs per game to win the vast majority, and with the offense that is still in the lineup, that won’t be terribly difficult to accomplish.
    At this point, I wouldn’t even advocate trading Blanton for an offensive player. Screw it. Let’s get into the season and see what we have. I think we’re still in the best position out of all NL East teams, by a considerable margin.
    Stop with the negative preseason stuff! If we wind up 8-12 twenty games into the season, then I’ll begin to worry. But for right now, I’m still pretty confident about the outlook.

  5. “Frankly, I’m more worried about the Phillies that can’t stay on it. And so are you.”
    You’re hanging around with Laddie-boy Kyle too much.
    I agree with Adam Bee and Tytson, that the season is long enough for hurting guys to heal and they stayed strong with injuries last season, and that was without the 4 aces rotation they have now.
    I still stick by my theory that Amaro The Great is making these injuries up to lower all expectations by opponents and fans so that the season is a pleasant surprise of awesome winning.

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