This is the Most Horrifying Thing You Will Watch All Day

Incredibly enough, this was made by a Penguins fan.

Stanley Cup winner warning!


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  1. it’s crazy to think that if the flyers had won the draft lottery–when they definitely should have by being the worst team in the league–that Kane could have easily been picked by the Flyers instead of JVR. When it came out that it was going to be a Blackhawks/Flyers SCF i kept thinking to myself…Kane is going to score the stanley cup clinching goal & then the the “history will be made” commercial could show that awful goal and then say “what if the flyers had won the draft lottery”

  2. comment left under this video on youtube:
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    You suck and your friend who is a girl, im sure you been stuck in the friend zone with all girls since roughly 3rd grade when you started wearing sketchers and proceeded to wear them throughout your college career. i dont know you personally but watching this video makes you nominated for the biggest menstrual cum blood rag in the history of hockey.your prob sittin on your moms desktop in her basement with the same greezy kasparitis jersey since it went on sale at marshalls. LETS GO FLYERS!!!!!!

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