This is the One Where Jayson Werth Called the Phillies Old

Oh, hey, Jayson. Glad to see that you continue to not be able to keep the Phillies’ name out of your mouth.

Werth is just the latest person to question the Phillies’ lineup. Seems everyone is forgetting about the Four Aces.

Earlier today, Phillies beat writer Jim McCormick wrote about baseball super nerd Jonah Keri, who believes the Phillies may not make the playoffs, thanks to their aging, and now depleted, lineup.

Now Werth, yet again, decided to opine on his former team and the reasons why the Nationals were a better “fit” for him. He told Tyler Kepner of the New York Times that the Phillies were getting older.

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  1. Honestly, until the person at the top commented, I didn’t even notice the link. I thought that was the whole story and I thought it seemed to be missing a lot of info. That does kinda suck.

  2. Jayson is lying to himself if he thinks the reason he left was because the team is getting old. He was offered $126 Million dollars. Double the offer of the Phils. That, and that alone is the reason he left.

  3. See, what no one knows is that Jayson took all that cash the Nats threw at him and now has a lovely portrait of himself up in his attic. So, while he’s not getting any younger, he’s also not getting any older.

  4. Was at the game tonight and watched Francisco belt a nice home run. My only words were “Jason Who?”

  5. Yo, Jayson! Those “old men” you mentioned will be back in the playoffs come October while you and your young pup gNats will be watching on TV….as usual.

  6. What ever makes you feel better J Dubb. G
    Get over your ex Jay, it’s over baby

  7. He’s just frustrated because he misses Jennifer Utley. Enjoy the basement of the NL East, Jayson.

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