This is What’s Wrong With Baseball Pontification

The Phillies are old. Carlos Ruiz can't hit. And they're weak at third base. But at least he likes the "young" Yankees. Ballsy pick there from "Shot" of 740 The Game in Orlando. Small market media, yeah!

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17 Responses

  1. Did he actually say, “We’ve got Freddy Garcia.” Ha this guy..
    focus not even on the freddy garcia but focus on the ‘we.’ he said ‘we’ like he is in the dugout with the evil empire.. wonder if there is any bias against the phitins’

  2. I’m very high and don’t know what I just watched… He is right about the offense…I’m pretty concerned about it myself.

  3. I’m concerned with losing that right-handed bat balance. One thing people tend to forget is the Phillies had the 2nd most runs in the National League last year.
    I loved this guy’s comments about Colon and Freddy Garcia. REALLY???!?!?!?! This guy is a total NYY homer.

  4. “Guys that can’t hit, Carlos Ruiz behind the plate.”
    The same Carlos Ruiz who got a 5th and 6th place vote in MVP voting?
    Bad at third base? We won the World Series with Pedro Feliz and Greg Dobbs.
    This guy has never seen a Phillies game in his life lol

  5. That guy’s not for real.
    And only 2 houses in Orlando can get 740. Too much “El Radio” on the AM band and the FCC turns a blind eye to them transmitting more power than they’re licensed for.

  6. I think this can be used as a wake up call. This team isnt getting any younger. Hopefully the get wind of this vid and realize that this window of success will eventually close. Chase, case in point. As long as the Phils stay healthy, they’ll be fine. I have confidence in Rauls new diet and I feel that we can expect good things from him. Same thing with JRoll and his yoga; whatever helps. Hopefully Chase doesn’t miss to much more time from his knee; during this regular season as well. Howard should come back to form as will other pieces in this lineup. Health is key to their success. Just Stay Positive and take nothing for granted. One day at time! Go Phillies!

  7. very knowledgeable….. “cliff lee, halladay…..guys like that”….probably doesn’t know the other 2 starters, let alone blanton.. this is why I hate old people

  8. This guy has no clue what he’s talking about… I realize they have a great rotation with guys like Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, uhhhh….. Guys like that…

  9. It’s only because he knows that if he was to say the whole rotation, Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels, Blanton, the Five Horsemen would appear and strike him down. It’s like saying Beetlejuice out loud, you just don’t do it.

  10. this guy is a complete idiot. weak at 3b base? moron. fuck him every day i worry about the phillies getting over confident and it’s morons like this that have to make their drive even stronger. fuck florida too shithole piece of shit.

  11. Deej is right. Anyone in Orlando with an opinion about anything other than the Magic is complete garbage. That place is a black hole of major league sports.
    This guy looks like some gay offspring of Al Franken and David Letterman. Don’t take him too seriously.

  12. Someone give that guy a drug test as he’s clearly on crack. The Yankees? Young? Crowing about Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon? Seriously? This guy makes Angelo Cataldi look like a Rhodes Scholar!

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