Tiki Barber Wants to Play Football Again

What the…?

You remember him, right? Tiki Barber last played in the NFL in 2007. After retiring, he was hired by NBC, where he promptly screwed a 23-year-old intern – allegedly – while his wife was eight months pregnant. Nice guy that Tiki. [SI.com]

The agency that represents Barber confirmed the news on its Twitter account.

Barber has already filed the appropriate paperwork to the league, not as a media play, but because the Giants needs to relinquish his rights before he can talk to other teams and explore free agency opportunities.


That's if there is an NFL season next year. Good luck with that, Tiki.

H/T to Josh


6 Responses

  1. Eh, so he fancies himself another Brent Fava-bean. Good luck with beating your own body into uselessness, Tiki. (And the intern thing: maybe he has that arrangement with his wife; I have the similar with my old bag.)
    But he should also get jailed for animal cruelty, for bashing in the poor doggy’s face.

  2. Well Bathroom, vengeful wives, already cranky from being preggers will do that to unfaithful husbands who fool around behind their backs. Meanwhile, I can’t imagine ANY team giving a soon to be 36 year old halfback who’s been away from the game for four years so much as the time of day. Not even the Canadian League will take a chance on Barber.

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