Tommy McDonald’s 1960 NFL Championship Ring May be in a Men’s Room at the King of Prussia Mall

Tommy_mcdonald_ringProbably shouldn't let people do this…

And how is your Thursday?

Ray Didinger spoke with McDonald's wife about her husband's ring, which he thinks he may have lost last week during one of his frequent trips to the King of Prussia Mall: []

“He lost it about a week ago and he is sick about it,” his wife Patty said.

McDonald believes he may have lost the ring during one of his frequent trips to the King of Prussia Mall. The 76-year-old McDonald lives close to the mall and often goes there to walk and socialize.

McDonald thinks he may have removed the ring while he was washing his hands in the men’s room and left it there. He also was in the habit of letting people see the ring and try it on so it is possible someone could have put it in their pocket and walked off with it.


So, if you've seen a rather gaudy looking ring lately, it was probably McDonald's 1960 NFL Championship ring. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

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