Video: NHL Debuts New Flyers History is Made Commercial

Last week, we told you that the NHL would again be using the outstanding "History is Made" theme for their postseason commercials. Today, they unveiled the new Flyers spot, which celebrates the 1974 Stanley Cup Championship.

It's beautiful.

You can watch it after the jump.


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10 Responses

  1. The other night I was watching “The Broad Street Bullies” on HBO Latino and it was just as awesome as watching it in English.
    This Requires no translation:
    “El Amplia Calle Matones: Los brutales jugadores de los Voladores de Filadelfia se convierten en un símbolo de la ciudad.”
    F*ckin-A, Chico, F*ckin-A

  2. Agree that last years music was much better.
    Like the commercials that go in reverse with the “What if …” statements. This one should say something like “What if the NHL did not expand…”

  3. 1974 – when exuberant fans could storm the battlefield (sometimes streaking) to celebrate WITH the team who all looked like porn stars. And no one got tazed!
    My favorite part of the Broad Street Bullies documentary was seeing the team wearing black armbands because their bar burned down.
    We had the ghetto queen sized bed sheet with the Flyers logo painted on it hanging on the front of our house. My neighbor had their flag pole broom with a Bobby Clarke jersey hanging on their house. I miss those guys/days. They were our heroes. That’s why we buried my father in his Flyers jersey.

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