Video: Roy Halladay Wins in MLB 2K11 Commercial

Turns out Doc can act.

2K Sports had already knocked it out of the park (puns!) with this Brian Wilson commercial, but, last night, their newest spot was posted to YouTube. It features Roy Halladay, at home during the offseason, pining over Carlos Ruiz . Solution? Inflatable Chooch.

Besides the obvious awesome that accompanies this, could you imagine having your own inflatable Carlos? You could take him to the park, regale him with tales of woe, or simply snuggle with him in a festive manner- the way Doc does.

Video after the jump.

H/T to Brian


20 Responses

  1. Just when I think I can’t love him anymore…he goes and does something like that. I now will be the guy at the games making a fool out of myself…just like a schoolgirl who just thought made eye contact with Justin Bieber at a concert.

  2. They should’ve done “Chocolate or Vanilla?” instead of “Turkey or ham?”. Although we would’ve been the only ones to get that joke…

  3. Philly’s best Bromance? Doc and Chooch.
    I think any nickname of the starting rotation should include Chooch. Like Chooch and the Five Hands. Okay, that sounds weird, but you get my point.
    April 1 can’t come soon enough!

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