Villanova Blows It Again. You’ve Seen This Episode Before

At least this picture is hilarious…

I'm telling you, it's almost like they're planning it.

After four losses to Big East opponents to close out the regular season and a first round exit in their conference tournament shortly thereafter, the Villanova Wildcats continued their losing ways with a 61-57 loss to George Mason in the round of 64.

And they did it ever so creatively, allowing the Patriots to go on a 13-3 run in the closing minutes of the contest.  You can watch the last 87 seconds of the game below, when it was gridlocked at 54 after a 6-0 run by George Mason. Commentary by Gus Johnson, by the way… so… bonus. You can also read a recap of the closing minutes over at Philly Sports Daily.

And after the jump, you can catch the three tweet rant from our very own Kyle Scott following today's game. He wasn't laughing when he wrote them… clearly… but you will, and isn't that really what counts here, folks?


At least he's drunk right now. A little alki can heal the butt-hurt. George Mason will play Ohio State in the next round of the dance. So, maybe Nova Nation can find solace in the fact that the Patriots will be heading home Sunday…

… but probably not.