What happens when a dude who claims to be from 5th and Washington – in Camden (not Philly) – wanders into West Philly? Well, he gets knocked the fuck out.

Here's video that popped up on YouTube a couple of weeks ago of a fight between neighbors "Vince" and "Raymo." If we're just judging by names alone, I'm going with Vince.

Yeah, Vince won. Don't mess with an Italian guy's fiancé.

Our buddies Sean Brace and Jon Marks had both Vince and Raymo on their show this weekend. Turns out Raymo was drunk during the fight and doesn't have a computer to view the viral video- shocking on both fronts.

When he took his shirt off, I thought we were going swimming.


Listen to the interview here– Raymo is convinced he would have won if he was sober.