I says "no."

We are about two court proceedings away from seeing NFL players sell their bodies on street corners. Not that Mike Vick is one of the poor ones, but you should fully expect to see more odd endorsements from NFL players, similar to this one from Vick.

According to Darren Rovell, Vick has signed an endorsement deal with Core Synergy, a titanium-infused, silicone wristband.


Discovered in the late 1700s, titanium has been a metal known for its strength, durability and compatibility with the human body. Titanium, is used in artificial body parts and jewelry for those with sensitive skin and even in alternative medicine, where the metal has found a new following.

Energy Fields

In alternative medicine, magnetized titanium holds a positive charge and is said to reverse the effect of pain in the body caused by negative energy fields.


Core Synergy bands combine titanium, in the form of powder, within 100% silicone rubber to create a 100% waterproof and flexible band for the athletically minded.


Uh huh.

For years now, baseball players have been wearing these Phiten bracelets and necklaces, which retail for around $30. Now Core Synergy, founded in October, has thrown their trinket into the ring.

Either these things are magic, or they're a hoax. Yeah, I'm going with hoax. Vick's gettin' dat bread tho. Of course, UFC model Arianny Celeste wears them, so maybe it's not the hormones in milk giving girls larger… never mind. Those signs don't hold themselves.