Your Friday Morning Phillies Roundup

Utley_howardLook how beefed-up Chasey is

Now that spring training is two weeks in, the euphoria of reading about the Five Pillars eating breakfast together has waned. We need to find, like, ya know, other things to talk about. Other than Dom Brown's hit tracker, which stands at … checking… zero, here's a few other tidbits:

– Mandy Housenick has a story in the Allentown Morning Call about Sam Perlozzo. Sam will take over for Davey Lopes, who was lowballed- likely by only a few thousand dollars– by the Phillies.

– Wilson Valdez got on a bus to Fort Myers yesterday-even though he wasn't supposed to be on it. I suppose if this were the Mets, we would be making fun,

– Oswalt and Lee both had surgey in 2003 in Philadelphia. The awkward account of their dazed meeting.

– CSN polled the Phillies about a nickname for the Five Pillars. Speaking of the Five Pillars moniker, Madson seemed to like it. Hmm, wonder where that came from. Video after the jump.


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  1. When I watching the knickname segment yesterday I also noticed how “beefed he got” maybe the extra 10 pounds of muscle is whats affecting his knee right now

  2. They didn’t show this in the main segment, but when they were doing the preview clips to the story there was a shot of Joe Blanton looking over (I think it was) Lidge’s shoulder looking unamused. I want to know what the other 20+ names were that they didn’t mention.

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