Your Mid Tuesday Roundup: It’s Cold Up Here Edition

What the hell? I leave for four days and return to this forecast? Come on. I spent the last several days in 83 degree sunshine while sitting at a ballpark, sailing in the Gulf, and drinking beer. Cruel.

First off, got to give credit to Southwest. My flight last night was delayed 2 1/2 hours, but they gave me one of my two See-Throughs (Harry's word for Gin and Tonics) for free and a whole bag of pretzels. No, not a little pouch, a whole bag. Throw in a couple of Xanies and it was a good flight.

I'm also pretty sure I turned the manager of Lenny's and three drunk guys at the Tilted Kilt into CB readers. +4.

Here's a few things we missed- in case you haven't seen yet:

– Mike Richards is on Twitter (@MRichie18). Jesus Christ, this happens the day I leave. It's actually kind of big news. Other than DeSean Jackson, we don't really have any high-profile athletes that Tweet. I don't count Evan Turner, and Mike Vick's Twitter is very neutered. Riche gives us stuff like this:

Big win last night….. Hottest ice girls in the league too.


Nice. More on that later.

– The Phillies official sponsor, Tastykake, will now actually have their products available at games. Previously, they were concerned with keeping the products fresh in the heat, but a new countertop refrigerator will fix that problem.

– Michael Vick – along with Tony Dungy, Dan Patrick, and Peter King (WTH?) – spoke at a prison yesterday in Florida. Yep, he had someone hold an umbrella for him. 


Here are the leaders (obviously not final standings) in our March Madness pool:

1) TU Phaithful (Two first round Flyers playoff tickets)

2) ABT588 ($50 gift certificate to Rock Bottom)

3) Tie- Just5's Bracket #1, Tiddly Winks, Thunderstruck!!!, Nick G, and SP (two will get Philly Phaithful t-shirts)

We'll post the standings of our "celebs" (bloggers and media personalities) before the games get going this weekend. I'm 237 out of 500, BUT all of my Final Four teams are alive.

– Big ups to Ryan Gillon, John Ellis, and Adam Gonsiewski for holding down the fort over the last few days. They killed it with news, commentary, and in-depth posts. I was drinking my face off and got several emails and Tweets that a new post was up. Much appreciated, gentlemen.

– The Flyers won't be seeing Matt Cooke on Thursday… because he's an asshole. Hop it.


5 Responses

  1. I’m SP and I can confidently say that my bracket will most likely not finish anywhere near the top 3.

  2. Vick? Under an umbrella? WTF? Has he gone metrosexual and was worried about his complexion?

  3. 1) Gin and Tonic? Hahahahahah except for Snoopy Dog (and his mind may be mush from the ganja), only old spinsters drink gin and tonic. Gin is vile. Maybe once in a while in a martini (Vodka Martinis are for wankers). Stick with rum or whiskey (the “water of life”), Laddie, straight-up.
    2) Richie sent his tweeter without finishing it with this: “… and 75% of them have already been Cartered.”
    3) Tastykakes don’t need any protection from the heat. If they get dry just dowse them with rum, like I do (instant rumkakes).

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