Your Opening Day Roundup: Pete Rose Wore Another Big Hat Edition

Pete_rose_hatPhoto courtesy of new Phillies beat reporter Jim McCormick (@JMacPHILLIES)- follow him!

My God, Pete Rose is on point right now. He's dating her, living in Vegas, still wearing big hats, and now, apparently…. whatever the fuck this is. Life is good.

Meanwhile, news out of NYC, the Phillies have won three division titles since Jose Reyes last cut his hair. [Newsday]

"It's something different — and I got a big head, too. I like to have it covered. I haven't had a haircut since 2008. I'll have to think about the next time I want to cut it. Sit down and really think about it.''


In our nation's capital, the Nationals lost to the Braves, 2-0. Proving once again (or for the first time, actually) that a $126 million two-hole hitter can't score you runs.

… which makes this ad on the Washington Post's site pretty ironic, no?


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  1. As much as I hate the Nationals and how pissed Jayson made me, you cant make this assumption off a opening day game…

  2. the fuck kind of jacket is that? is that even a jacket? $5 on a corner in thailand for that and a handy.

  3. you’d think his super tOight asian lady friend would have forbid him from leaving the house like that, then again, she knew what this was…

  4. I guess that when you get as old as Pete and senility has clearly set in, your fashion sense goes completely out the window. Gentlemen, that fate awaits us all!
    Meanwhile, I guess that $126 million doesn’t buy a guy as many base hits as it used to. HA!

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