And Now, Great Moments in Officiating


Five minutes!

But this little move by Patrick Kaleta to get Nikolay Zherdev to fall into the bench went unnoticed.

Kaleta is public enemy number one on Friday. Shortly after the little stunt he pulled on Z, he fell into the net, breaking up a 2-on-1 for the Sabres. Karma, like Kaleta, is a bitch.

He was also the guy mouthing off to Giroux at the end of the game, saying "next game." OK, Pat.

Watch Richards talk about the call, after the jump. He even brought up whether or not it was personal.

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27 Responses

  1. I really wish Pronger would be back on Friday. And I also wish that Carbomb or anyone else checks Kaleta into the boards so hard that it ends at least his season or his career. That dude needs to have him some.

  2. I’m going to pull an Adam Burish even though he is a complete tool who deserves to get the shit kicked out of him. If I ever see Kaleta I’m going to punch him in the face

  3. Wahhhhhhhh. Kaleta rules. The Flyers are a bunch of fags. Especially Hartnell and Carcillo.

  4. Speaking of fags? Guys who troll other team’s message boards to leave super insightful comments. Thanks Brett.

  5. Kaleta rules? Really Brett? I though there was nothing else to do but watch hockey or have planes crash into your house up there in Buffalo? If you think Kaleta rules, you know nothing about the game…just like your parents knew nothing about birth control. He is worse than Matt Cooke, probably the dirtiest player in the NHL. Will yap and hit guys late all game long, but never drop the gloves. Stay classy & enjoy your 2nd rate team & shitty town

  6. You know the officiating is bad when a Buffalo native staying in your house for a week (sister’s boyfriend, in my case) admits that those calls were pure bullshit. Unbelievable.

  7. The calls were BS. I can’t wait till Friday. The Flyers need to come out with some rage. I’ll be at the game and it’s going to be wild.

  8. If they’re going to make bullshit calls like this maybe we shouldn’t even want Chris Pronger back. He’d be in the box every time he touches someone.

  9. The call on Richards was ridiculous. I could see 2 minutes, , maybe, but a major?!?! And the non-call after Carcillo got mugged in the crease was so weak. The fact that there wasn’t a single power play for the Flyers in the 3rd with all the stuff Buffalo was pulling was just ludicrous! It’s on on Friday folks!

  10. Taste of your own medicine Philly. We hate you. And we are coming for more.

  11. I love how all of a sudden these corny ass fairweather sabres fans have the audasity to come on our page and post this nonsense. They should just be fortunate to just be in the playoffs, rather than talk shit. That team doesnt have the heart nor talent to make it to the ECF let alone the SCF. But you know how NY fans are, they’re just plain dumb. The best team in NY is the Phantoms. Merry Cliffmas.

  12. Haha “Philly, we hate you”, what are you a third grader?! Oh nevermind you’re a butthurt Buffalo fan with an inferiority complex because you’re city isn’t relevant, they’re not even an afterthought.

  13. he opened the door because it was a shift change. play the rest of the footage that shows McCormick walking in.
    you’re really reaching. Flyers play dirty every game and now they get mad when they get called for it? weird.
    sabres are fortunate to be in playoffs? 420 was yesterday.. you must still be high.

  14. yesterday the only friend i have that lives in buffalo posted several times throughout the game with things like “lets go sabers”. if you’re gonna hop on the bandwagon at least learn to spell the teams name correctly.

  15. Richards scared the shit out of the kid sitting behind the glass by the bench. hahahaha.

  16. Lets talk about the time Carcillo was called for being punched in the face? Only way buffalo ever wins is by the refs, its hilarious
    The only way you ever beat the flyers was when you had Briere, hahaha, losers couldnt afford to keep him and now theyre sad
    Guys you have to realize here that Buffalo’s cr@ppy players have to play as dirty as their cr@ppy city of buffalo is. Dirtiest city in america has the dirtiest players in america, only fitting. have you ever seen that hell hole? every building is turd-brown. Buffalo is the Sphincter of the United states. It was only relevant for about 10 years back in the early 1900’s, now every building is empty. These people are bitter they have nothing to do but watch hockey and a cr@ppy football team

  17. Or we could talk about the penalty shot at the end of the game that should have been called when your boy (not miller) closed his hand on the puck in the crease. THATS A PENALTY SHOT
    And by the way, the whole country hates Miller because he choked away the Olympic gold medal for our country. The only Americans dumb enough to like him are from buffalo

  18. What is a “butthurt”? lmao Obviously, my post hit a nerve since you were so obligated to respond. You must be the third grader.

  19. What I think he meant by “butthurt” is that your asses are all sore from getting pounded by St. Laurent in order to get these calls.

  20. I’d like to point this out again. Buffalo has had NO SUCCESS since losing Briere. NONE. No shit they’re going to cry every time he burns the sabres. They’re crybabies who can’t handle free agency

  21. Funny how Buffalo fans come in and yap but they hardly made the playoffs, to that kid callin himself danny briere is a douche, probably some frustrated fan rattled that Danny chose a real sports town instead of some lame ass city, good thing referees were on their side yesterday cuz it was definitely what made this game buffalo’s. But it’s alrite, we’ll get em back, Philly in 6 Weeehoooo

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