And Now, Great Moments in Officiating


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  1. I love how he can stand there and legitimately call that an out. How the hell could anyone get the ball to their throwing hand at the same instant he applyie the tag? Some jedi mind trick? Guy should lose his job.

  2. Good lord. At least Bob Davidson wasn’t working our game last night ringing everyone up on checked swings.

  3. My God. Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that was a horrifically bad call. Hell, he’d probably make a better ump than most of the bozos stealing money as arbiters these days.

  4. how bout the left side of the plate last night?! you coulda thrown6 inches off and above the letters on the jersey and gotten a called strike. At least he remained consistent for both teams, but good lord it was frustrating to watch.

  5. wasn’t there a fat fuck Nats fan who was rallying to squad up against the inevitable philly invasion to DC? can you guys write something about that douche, especially since the attendance at those games as been so stella thus far in the series?

  6. Jim Joyce is actually a pretty good Blue. He just flubbed at a *really* unfortunate time.

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