Big Bear Banished

Leighton_waterPhoto via (@DominicPerilli)

The Flyers career of Michael Leighton is pretty much sunk.

Tonight’s backup for Brian Boucher? Sergei Bobrovsky. That’s slightly surprising, but not shocking. What is shocking, however, is that according to reports, Johan Backlund will be the third-string goalie behind Bob and Bouche

– head asplodes –

Where’s Big Bear? He didn’t practice today.

He has gone from the minor leagues to third-string to backup to starter to ZOMG get away from the team.

I… I don’t even know what to write. I don’t know if I should be happy that Leighton is again out of the picture, or mad about what a debacle this has turned into thanks to Lavs’ disrespect for the goaltenders. I honestly don't know.

Here, just take a look at what we think happened to Leighton.

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And to think… he was our Game 6 starter. 


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  1. Ahh the life of a backup/3rd string goalie….
    He is in and out of lineups/waiver wires more than a New York whore…

  2. You really crack yourself up don’t you Kyle? You’re on a roll cuz, this almost beats ‘left coast Phils fan’…Let’s go FLYERS!

  3. This goalie carousel is making my head spin like Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist. But you’re right, Kyle, this IS a freaking debacle of the highest order. I’ve never heard of any NHL coach who has blatantly shown less respect for netminders than Laviolette. Sure, neither of his goalies will remind anyone of Bernie Parent, but to jerk them around like he has is beyond ridiculous. As for that pic, it’s a good thing I long since ate lunch, otherwise that would’ve killed my appetite.

  4. If anything, the picture of the dead bear makes me hungry. Bear meat is tough, but tasty when prepared properly.

  5. I feel sorry for on of god’s creeture biting the dust in an unnatural way, but I don’t feel sorry for Leighton.
    Look, he’s a journeyman goalie who just had a briliant streek which came to an end one goal too soon. Had he have been a good enough goaltender he would have been able to internolize what worked during that streek and keep on doing it. He knows these were the breaks going into it.
    He still has his health and family, and I’m sure he’ll get by somehow. It’s not like he was maimed for life like some wild creature turned into roadkill.
    And at least he’s not whining about it like some other goalie on some other team in some backwater Western NY town that gets its name from an injun word for “weepy putrid vagina” where they skate on ice made of this:

  6. IBMG, you know Kyle doesn’t give a good god damned about what the goaltenders masks say in regards to their names. “Bouche” and “Bob” for lyfe, yo.

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