Big Bear is Back!

Our worst nightmares… they have come true.

Michael Leighton cleared waivers, proving that he's not even worth half of his $1.55 million salary (which any team that picked him up would have had to pay).

Leighton will join the team on Thursday and – reportedly – start on Friday. One has to wonder, why would the Flyers do this?

Leighton provides insurance should Bob or Bouche get hurt. Yes. But the team has won all season without him. Their problem right now is scoring- not goaltending. All of a sudden, there is an uncomfortable situation for the goalies. Not to mention the fact that by placing Leighton on waivers, the Flyers were willing to risk losing him and being forced to pay half his salary. For as much as we make fun of him, he still is an adequate option – under contract – for next year. Clearly the Flyers are really interested in services this spring. And that makes me sad.


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  1. No goaltending? Are you serious? Bob flops like a fish out of water and Boosh while productive has been known to get undressed bu some of the better players in the league.
    Leightoon took a team who had no business being in the playoffs to a Stanley Cup. And you people are gonna say he sucks?
    And this is why I despise the fans in this town. A bunch of fucking morons. His only knowck is he allows weak goals..well I’ve seen Bob give up goals a blind monkey with no legs could stop.
    Get off Bob’s dick and realize who he is: An average goalie.

  2. I didn’t say Bob was great or Bouche- but Leighton is no better. And judging by the fact that he was sent down, the Flyers agree. Why bring him back? Goaltending is not the issue. It’s not great, but it’s fine. Leighton just complicates things- not to mention they almost risked losing him. Bob is better.

  3. Having Pronger back on D would sure help regardless of who’s in net.
    So yeah, the Flyers have to needs.
    1. Chris Pronger
    2. Less offensive turnovers
    (and one more for good measure)
    3. Take the C off Richies chest…

  4. @Loki
    Boosh and Leighton both took us through the playoffs. Let’s not forget Boosh made the save that got us into the playoffs.

  5. This is all rather mystifying to me. Goaltending is the dead LAST thing the Flyers need to worry about, given their more pressing problems with turnovers, a grossly anemic power play and a glaring lack of heart they’ve shown over the last month or so when they’ve let the league’s bottom feeders run roughshod over them.
    Bringing Michael Leighton, who ain’t the second coming of Patrick Roy back into the fold solves absolutely NONE of those problems. Hell, Chicago didn’t exactly have Jacques Plante in net when they won the Cup last year, so I’m happy with our netminders. Once we get Pronger back, followed by a trip en masse to the Wizard for some heart, we should be in good shape for the playoffs.

  6. You Egon… your an idiot… take the C off Richards chest… what on earth does that do? He leads the team… I dont see Carter doing shit… Pronger hasn’t even been in the lineup… who you giving it too? your an idiot. Dont comment on hockey if you dont understand how its played… I am sure Clark should have given up the C too right?

  7. Ian, your absolutely right. Egon your just a fucking idiot bandwagon fan who knows nothing about the sport of hockey. And Loki, you’re are a dumbass who also knows not the sport of hockey. Saying the flyers didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs last year is like saying that Kovalchuk trade was smart. Shut the fuck up and learn the sport before you jack asses comment on anything hockey related. And for anyone who thinks that Bob is an average goaltender, keep in mind that although he is ranked 17th and 18th in GAA and SV% that he is only in his rookie season and came from a Russian league that has a completely different style of play. He may be “average” now, but give him a couple years and watch as he turns into the next Brodeur.

  8. lol at everything alf91 just said. the kovalchuk analogy was god awful(the trade was not bad at all. the trade =/= the contract he signed as a free agent this offseason. jesus youre stupid) and then you go to say bob will be the next broduer? holy lol

  9. and you go to say for those that think he is an average goaltender(present tense) keep in mind that he is 17th and 18th in gaa and sv%
    how average can you get?

  10. Hey don’t know bob.. he has some great natural skill good mental toughness to take beatings and then come out next game and dominate and he’s young meaning he has a lot of time to mature… goalies are tough to judge but the way he’s played at times has been brodur like.

  11. sorry for the triple post but onto the actual issue. i think bringing leighton up is neither good or bad. the way the playoffs laid out for them last year was perfect. i think leighton is no better than bob or boucher but i dont think hes that much worse. id still go with bob. even if they lose this year, the experience is good for the young guy

  12. Kyle that really wasn’t directed at you. THat was more at everyone riding Bob.
    @Steve yes, I do remember Boosh helped. WHich is why he stays.
    @alf. 17th and average right?
    And you proved my point. He shouldn’t be playing. He played a different league, different style. HE should’ve spent this year in the AHL. You’re so quick to anoit him the next great goalie that it’s hilarious you say I know nothing of the sport.
    We don’t have “a few years” This team is built to win now and Bob does not give us that “win now” ability. Last night’s game is just another example.

  13. Shyte! Smells like desparation mode.
    My guess is they’re thinking about making him back-up instead of Boosh, who’s been sucky lately. Only 1 win in his last 5. I’m surprised they let him play NJ the last time. They need to keep Bob in the start even on back-2-back nights, cause that’s what he’ll see come playoffs. Unless Leighton will be the netminder.
    F*ck! We’re screwed.

  14. Bob’s GAA is 2.51, and Boosh’s is 2.45, if the group of forwards the Flyers have can’t muster 3 goals a game (which they should do in their sleep) then the problem is not the goaltending…
    On Leighton, he needed to clear waivers to be available for the playoffs, plain and simple. The bonus now would be if he blew out his back on friday, and they were able to LTIR him again to free up cap space for next year.

  15. If you seriously expect 3 goals a night, you’re as fucking delusional as I thought. There are going to be game where you only get 2 or 1 or even 0 goals. Ever wonder why most team that win the cup win? THey have a goalie who shows up in the clutch and bears down when toe offense sputters. We do not have that.

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