Bill Conlin Manages to Defend Crusty Old Man and Put Down Reader in Same Email

Bil_conlinSurprisingly, there are no hi-res images of Conlin online…

You can file this one under reasons why people don't read newspapers anymore.

As you likely know, readers will send me emails with tips, heads ups, pictures, poems (yep), and assorted who's its and what's it galore.

Yesterday, reader, let's call him TR, sent me a heads up about the NY Times drivel written by failed baseball player Pat Jordan.

I informed TR that I read PJ's piece and that we took care of it on site. It was at this point TR sent me two email exchanges he had with our favorite aging local sportswriter, Bill Conlin, who defended PJ's piece in today's Daily News.

Those exchanges… after the jump.

———- Forwarded message ———-

<>Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:52 AMSubject: Re: NYT Magazine Story about 4 AcesTo: TR

"Dude" happens to be a acclaimed baseball author who has written 13 books, including "A False Spring," regarded as the finest baseball book of its kind. Here's an excerpt from one of the hundreds of reviews. 

"A False Spring, by turns rueful, amused, nostalgic and disgusted, is just fascinating, probably the best book imaginable about baseball's underpinnings."-Boston Globe (Boston Globe )

Pat Jordan also wrote the magazine piece that outed Steve Carlton as a whacko who believes the World is run by nine Jewish Bankers and other tripe.

Temple apparently swung and missed with you.

—–Original Message—–From: TR To: William Conlin <>Sent: Sun, Apr 3, 2011 11:53 pmSubject: Fwd: NYT Magazine Story about 4 Aces


Did you read the story about the 4 Aces in yesterday's NYT Magazine?

If you didn't already, I would suggest you take a look. All I will say is, this dude must be a stinkin', loser Yankee fan.

TR from Temple.



And the other…


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: NYT Magazine 4 Aces Story
To: TR

it's a brilliant piece of writing and pitching
analysis. Wish i had written it.
Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless

—–Original message—–

From: TR
William Conlin <>
Mon, Apr 4, 2011 07:54:08 GMT+00:00
NYT Magazine 4 Aces Story


Did you read the story about the 4 Aces in yesterday's NYT Magazine?

If you didn't already, I would suggest you take a look. All I will say is, this dude must be a stinkin', loser Yankee fan.

TR from Temple.


Why are we not surprised that Conlin defended the 69-year-old throw back writer from the NYT? 

Both in the emails and in today's Daily News Conlin praises PJ's work: []

WHEN I'M KING of the World . . .

 Pat Jordan's provocative view of the Phillies' Four Aces, which ran in Sunday's New York Times Magazine, will be required reading for every Phillies fan . . . It is not only a detailed breakdown of the Dubee Brothers' deliveries, "stuff," mind-sets and unique preparations, it is a compressed journey through the evolution of pitching from the iron men of yore to today's crop of pitch-count-restricted and less-accountable starters.


I generally stop reading any article at "iron men of yore." As if that wasn't enough, however,  Conlin manages to take an unnecessary jab at TR for what was an otherwise friendly email.

Ladies and gentlemen, your paper of record.

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23 Responses

  1. Wow. What an a**hole! I thought newspapermen were our link between the people and the players. Who knew Conlin was just a dick who thought he really was King of the World! Huge violation!

  2. I’ve never really liked Conlin or any of his writing. I’ve always thought that he came across as very pompous and overbearing, both in his writing and when I would see him on TV, sort of like an Eskin plus 200 lbs. The fact that he defended another dinosaur from the NYT doesn’t shock me in the least. Old, fading, out dated newspaper guys gotta stick together you know.

  3. PJ and Bill must be friends, and (barely able to fit in) OneChair is sticking up for his buddy. Not surprised, though @Dave: that’s the FIRST thing I thought.
    PS- lost in all this is what I thought was the most asinine putdown from PJ: he likened Joe Blanton’s pitching motion to that of a Little Leaguer who hadn’t been coached. Really? I mean, Heavy B’s not an ace, but he got further in the game than PJ did. How bad must HE have sucked as a pitcher?

  4. Bill has a point, but for him to not even bother to acknowledge that this was practically a hit piece by a bitter NY writer is kind of pathetic.
    We have one of the greatest rotations ever assembled, but PJ hardly seems to mention any of their accomplishments (which are many). He doesn’t focus on the perfect game, no-hitter in the playoffs, Lee’s postseason dominance, a WS MVP (Cole) being the 4th starter, how badly both Halladay & Lee wanted to be in Philly, etc.
    It’s just stupid. Figures that a NY-based rag with NY in the title would focus on that crap to say about our rotation. Can’t wait to see what they write after we win the World Series.

  5. I like it all except the newspapers part…I need my morning newspaper along with the blogosphere.

  6. Kyle, you should feel accomplished your little blog ruffled feathers.
    We’ll be laughing down Broad Street with our FIVE ‘meh’ starters while these douches will be simpering for interviews.

  7. With all the work outs that Halladay does, I’m pretty sure that he would pitch for however long he had too. It’s more of the coaches that put pitchers on pitch counts. So accusing the pitchers themselves as being the problem with baseball today is just wrong.

  8. Can’t say I’m surprised Bill stuck up for his fellow dinosaur. One wrinkled, arthritic hand washes the other after all. While my respect for Conlin who came across to me as a massive blowhard who only THINKS he knows it all wasn’t all that high to begin with, it’s slipped a goodly amount after this.

  9. I love how people take shots at Kyle and There are plenty of other websites for you to read… Its like you complaining about Boy Bands but you have an N’Sync poster above your bed.

  10. As a Yankee hater this reminded me of the Goose Gossage rant- if you haven’t heard it, google it, “no wonder you motherfuckers are carrying around a pen and paper cause you’re not good for anything else you motherfuckers”

  11. Why did “TR” e-mail Bill Conlin the same thing twice over the period of 12 hours? Both e-mail snippets say the same thing (from TR’s end) yet are dated differently:
    Sent: Sun, Apr 3, 2011 11:53 pm
    Sent: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:52 AM
    Did he really think Conlin was going to take kindly to being hammered with duplicate e-mails at the same e-mail address?
    That being said, PJ is a huge dick… and Conlin may be even worse for trying to defend such a turd…

  12. @Kyle
    Fair enough… I was just confused a bit.
    Seriously though… what a jerkoff. I wonder if he responds to all of his friendly mail by shitting on the sender:
    Hello Children,
    I think he is a wonderful journalist and you should be glad he wrote such an insightful piece.
    On a separate note, looks like Mrs. Hamilton is really doing the tax payers proud by spending her/your time writing to sportswriters about a baseball team…
    Shouldn’t you be playing with blocks or learning to share or some shit?
    Grouchy Old Fuck
    —-Original Message—-
    Mr Conlin,
    There was a mean old writer in New York that made fun of the Phillies… What do you think about the Phillies?
    Mrs. Hamilton’s Third Grade Class

  13. I read the article in NY Times and I really don’t see anything wrong with it. The man was comparing pitchers today to the greats of the past. We ourselves have done so with this rotation since RAJ inked Lee only many of the fan base aren’t educated enough in the history of the game to structure a formidable argument. Is the man old school to say the least, yes, but he makes valid points. I don’t think he’s attacking the Phils’ roation, the rules of today have changed the approach to pitching. No more coming up and in on guys without warnings and potential ejections, which is a key reason no one “fears” pitchers anymore. Is everyone afraid to face Doc, yes, are they concerned about catching one in the ear, no.
    You’re first post attacking this man’s article was unfair and you yourself only posted the parts that made him sound biased and loathing of the Phils. Yes the various members of the staff blew him off at certain times but they all sat down with PJ, answered his questions and were cordial with him and PJ himself acknowledges that in his article. Poor reporting on the part of CB, tell the whole story.

  14. @Danielson…dude. Seriously. Dude! Did you read the thing? If it was fair and balanced, why didn’t he talk about WHY the Phil’s are the best rotation in Baseball? Isn’t it just a tad ironic that these players that made time for him he praised, and didn’t make one remark about Halladay’s success? He didn’t talk about Cliff’s great Playoff performance, just that he’s a prick who blows him off and he got shit on in the WS. You can’t seriously defend this guy. Yeah, it was well-written. Good for him. But every scene was about the players snubbing him, and someone that shapes their narrative that way isn’t trying to be fair, they’re pissed a venerable NYT columnist got snubbed.

  15. I’d venture to guess pitchers are pitch count restricted now because maybe they throw harder. With modern conditioning techniques, hitters hit harder. The game is probably more intense now. Not to say it wasn’t before, but today’s hurlers simply can’t pitch every other day. There are certain limits to the human body that are a result of physics and chemistry, not mental fortitude. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this.

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