Bob’s New Playoff Mask is Incredible!

Bob steppin' up his game!

Sergei Bobrovsky's first mask, featuring Soviet jet fighters, left a lot to be desired. But it looks like that's all changing for the playoffs.

Here's his new mask, which he will bust out for the 'offs.

The right side features Rocky and the left side… Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. You can see a pic of the other side at Philly Sports Daily.

Nothing like a broken-English speaking Russian goalie celebrating Americana.

Eggggcellent, Bob.

Here's video (from last year) of Fran Drummond, the guy who designs the Flyers' masks.


20 Responses

  1. I LOVED Bobs old one…I hate this new one…there’s like no orange…I didn’t get BOBS old one but I think it looked cool! This one sucks! It’s not intense at all!

  2. hope you all know.. that bob approved this mask and actually likes it… and if ya look closely the whole bottom part of the mask is orange. Get a clue about art before ya hate on something.

  3. Funny- Sarah Baicker posted that same exact picture already. I think she stole it from you!

  4. You guys need to chill the hell out.
    @You Steal: Nobody told you to read or come to this matter where he gets his stuff, he puts a whole new spin to it which makes it funny and popular; hence the reason the blog is popular. He gives plenty of credit from where stuff came from, whether it’s from readers or other posters
    @Anyone else who doesn’t like the mask: It’s a freaking mask. Relax, it has no bearing on how he plays, if he likes it, he likes it. Relax people. Plenty of masks out there that don’t incorporate their team that much. Chill out.

  5. This is terrible. The old one was a good concept (planes/Flyers and Russia/US) but executed poorly. The new one just doesn’t make any sense. And why is it blue?

  6. Half this mask is all-out-win. The other half is about as awful as it can get. Overall, his last mask was much better.
    Yes, the Sideshow Bob half is really that bad. And don’t remind me of Bob the Builder and Bob’s Big Boy. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

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